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Giving Deal on Loan to Construct New Home

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I know that providing a builder a discounted rate on their personal loan in exchange for the builder referring buyers on new construction is a RESPA violation. However, is it also a violation if the bank provides the builder a deal on the commercial loan that was provided to construct the new homes? That loan is a commercial deal and the discount predates the "hoped" for referrals. There is no agreement, more of a hope the builder provides referrals. It's likely a tightrope but appreciate the insight.

It is not a tightrope that the bank wants to fall off. It being a commercial loan has nothing to do with it.

1024.14 (e) Agreement or understanding. An agreement or understanding for the referral of business incident to or part of a settlement service need not be written or verbalized but may be established by a practice, pattern or course of conduct. When a thing of value is received repeatedly and is connected in any way with the volume or value of the business referred, the receipt of the thing of value is evidence that it is made pursuant to an agreement or understanding for the referral of business.

First published on 04/07/2019

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