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How To Attract Visitors To Your Web Site

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What can we do to encourage people to visit our Web page? Or should we even be concerned about it?

Content, content, content. If you want repeat visitors you must provide new information for them to review and get rid of outdated content. There are some crossover marketing techniques that will apply to these repeat visitors as well as bringing in new ones. Briefly, here are just a few things you could do:

  • Use employees to "sell" your site. Ensure they are familiar with it.
  • Mention it on your telephone system when customers are on hold.
  • Put up posters in your back.
  • Provide your Web address on statements, stuffers, the outside of envelopes, business cards and stationary
  • Use meta tags on your Web pages so search engine "spiders" can find and record what you do.
  • Register your site with search engines.

If you have built a site and maintained it, I can only assume you want visitors to it. But what you consider an acceptable volume of visitors, and to what degree you want to market it, will depend on your site's purpose. That should be defined and your Webmaster must be aware of this as the content is placed there. Is it informational, marketing or a community cyber-gathering place? Do you put up investment advice, local information for the community, chat rooms, etc. Without an intended purpose and goal, a Web site will go where you point it…nowhere.

First published on 3/5/01

First published on 03/05/2001

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