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We have an officer that is wanting to do away with email and internet because she is afraid of a virus shutting down our system. We have proper firewalls/virus programs etc. How can I explain to her that our virus programs are designed to keep this from happening? She is wanting me to tell her with 100% certainty that nothing will hurt our system. I feel comfortable with the protection that we have however, I cannot guarantee that nothing will happen.

Answer by John Burnett:You also cannot guarantee that a robber won't walk into your lobby, that a teller won't embezzle funds, or that a rogue lender won't create fictitious loans. If the lady wants a risk free environment, she needs to get out of banking. Judicious use of email and the internet are simply expected in today's banking environment.


Answer by Andy Zavoina:Look in this issue of Tech Talk, and the "Just Pull the Plug, Nils!" article. Antivirus and firewalls are great when used and updated, but they're not 100% protection. The bad guys can be very innovative. The good guys react to this, so there can always be exposure. It also depends on the users. If they find a thumb drive in the parking lot and connect it to their PC to see what is on it, your security could go right down the toilet there too. If they write a password down and have it accessible, same thing.

If you don't have internet and email, can you function, and compete? It could be hard in 2008. It'll be harder in 2009. First published on 3/24/08

First published on 03/24/2008

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