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Knox Box

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We had a question come up from our local fire department. They asked if they could have access to our back door code and our alarm code to use in the case of a fire emergency. I do not think that this is a good idea at all due to the inability to monitor the potential people who could access our building and turn off our alarm system. Have you ever heard of a bank doing this before? I wanted to get your input before I respond to them.

This is an easy answer! Please consider using a Knox Box. Get all the information you need

We never provide the firemen our alarm codes. The Knox box allows them to enter the building without destroying doors etc. Without a Knox box you would need to come down to secure the building after they left the scene. By keeping the alarm system active you will know something is going wrong before the fire department reaches out to you.

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First published on 02/11/2024

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