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Military ID Sufficient for Opening Account?

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Is use of a military ID sufficient for opening an account or doing a name change on an account? I'm looking for where Military ID's are not suppose to be used for identification, and having a hard time finding the regulations behind that or maybe I completely misunderstood and am wrongly assuming that we are not able to?

Your bank, generally by including a list of acceptable identification in its board approved CIP, decides what is acceptable as identification. If military ID is on the list, it's acceptable. If it's not on the list, it's not.

While the SSA flatly says a SS card is not identification, the military makes no similar disclaimer. There are regulations that are often read to prohibit the copying of military ID, but none that say you cannot accept it as identification. (Banks are not required to copy identification, just keep a description of it.)

First published on 04/01/2018

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