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No Guns/No Hats/No Hoods Signs

We are thinking of posting No Guns/No Hats/No Hoods signs at our locations. To handle any customer concerns does anyone have talking points for employees to discuss with customers concerns/complaints?

by Barry Thompson:

I think you need to consider this policy very carefully depending on the state you reside. The reason is the "No guns," statement and I don't care if you are pro or anti gun. What I have found banks that have placed a "No guns," policy found people who were pro gun closed accounts. Those that removed signs stating no guns found that those who were anti gun closed accounts. I have also been contacted by banks that did post these signs to find no one follows them. The reason they never enforced the sign from day one.

Another issue is the state you reside in. One state I know of if you don't post no guns there is a safe harbor. If anyone post no guns they are responsible for anyone hurt on premises with a gun. If they don't post the bank has a safe harbor under the law. In a few other states it is the exact reverse.

If you are lucky enough to be in a state that doesn't have a specific law on this issue you may still get feedback from account holders. If you do post remember to enforce it equally on everyone no one can be exempted from the sign.


by Ken Golliher:

Barry's comments are well reasoned and based on experience.

Mine is simply: "What's the point? Does anyone actually believe that posting a sign creates a safer environment?"

First published on 12/24/2017

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