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Photo ID Badge

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After visiting several local credit unions and banks in the area, I have discovered that none of them wear any form of ID Badge, only name tags. So now to the question…What, if any, thoughts do you have on this topic, and any suggestions and/or information in this area are welcome and appreciated.

Our guess is that the pen testers used social engineering to gain access to your buildings or operations center. Your institution is large, so your people don’t know everyone working for you and that provides a social engineer with an easy environment to invade.

The first step is to implement photo identification with some special additions.

A. The photo ID must be always worn at your offices.

B. Anyone not wearing a photo ID is to be stopped and questioned as to who they are especially in nonpublic areas.

C. Your name tag will only have your employee's first name on it. This is for staff protection so people with derailed thoughts will find it hard to stalk your employees.

D. The photo id will have the person's initials on it that can only be detected by black light.

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First published on 02/18/2024

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