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Physical Impairments When Signing Checks

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What are your experiences with customers whose physical impairments make it difficult for them to sign their checks? We have a customer who shakes badly when writing and signing and wanted to know if we should redraw the signature cards for his accounts. The banker assisting offered him some different options (facsimile signature stamp, signing with a "X") but ultimately didn't advise him to what he should do. We're just looking for some insight into these types of situations. We are in Missouri if that affects the situation in anyway.

Another option you didn't mention is for the customer to consider issuing a power of attorney to a trusted family member or friend who could help him out. He could also appoint an authorized signer to the same end. Your banker may have offered those solutions to the customer, along with the others you described, but perhaps the customer isn't yet ready to take a step that he might feel diminishes his self-image or is an admission of his diminished physical capacity in some way.

It's probably not wise to try to nudge your customer into taking any of these steps. If he finds that he really needs to do something, he'll act.

One cautionary bit of advice: bank personnel should not offer to assist this customer in completing his checks, however well-meaning they might be.

First published on 01/31/2016

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