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Pod Branches

We have just decided to implement a pod branch design and are presently in the design phase. Do you have any suggestions on what we should focus on for this project?"

Here are some basic items that you need to focus on:
1. Pods should be designed to face the customer entrance. Robbers don't like to have eye contact upon entering. This will also make your office look friendlier to accountholders.
2. The pod desk needs to be bigger than most designers tend to like. Accountholders bring in purses, laptops, and paperwork that needs to be placed on the pod. Every pod branch we review has staff complaining about the lack of room.
3. You need an office or area for confidential discussions. People do not want to discuss important business next to the town gossip or people they know.
4. Whoever designs your new office needs a background on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED.) Areas on your floor plan have to delineate where people should walk and block access to vaults, safes, and critical areas. Without doing this upfront, you will build in problems that will require a remodel. One pod branch we know has been in service for one year and is already undergoing remodeling plans.
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First published on 02/10/2019

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