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Problem with Search Block/ Firewall

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There seems to be a change in the search option. Previously I could put example (garnishments) in the search block and submit and it would bring up things on garnishments. The problem I have now is our firewall is set up for employees not to be able to search anything through Google. Which has changed on your side. Is there anything we can do so I can begin using this again.

Jim Bedsole

The BOL search function was switched to use Google as its search engine. If your company has blacklisted Google, then the search function won't work for you. If Google is the only search engine that has been disabled, you could use a different search engine such as Bing. If you type "" (without the quotes) after your search term(s), Bing (or Google, for that matter) will only provide results from that particular domain. If all search engines have been disabled, I would suggest having a talk with your IT department about the need for you to be able to do effective Internet searches as a critical job function and see if an exception can be made. It seems pretty Draconian to me to disable all search engine functionality, because some jobs, like Compliance Officer, would be almost impossible to do without that capability in today's environment.

Editor's Note:

The switch to Google as the search provider occurred because the provider we were using stopped offering the service. The change to Google is intended to be temporary. Note also that the parameters for the Google search have been set to restrict results to those found on the BOL site. Google typically displays ads at the top of its results pages; scroll down to find the results of your BOL site search.

First published on 08/25/2014

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