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Prohibition on Requiring Direct Debit for Approval

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Is there a prohibition against conditioning approval of a loan application for a residential first mortgage loan upon authorizing a direct debit of monthly payments from a borrower's deposit account?

Please refer to Regulation E, 1005.10(e) and the Commentary.

(e) Compulsory use. (1) Credit. No financial institution or other person may condition an extension of credit to a consumer on the consumer's repayment by preauthorized electronic fund transfers, except for credit extended under an overdraft credit plan or extended to maintain a specified minimum balance in the consumer's account.


10(e) Compulsory Use

10(e)(1) Credit

1. Loan payments. Creditors may not require repayment of loans by electronic means on a preauthorized, recurring basis. A creditor may offer a program with a reduced annual percentage rate or other cost-related incentive for an automatic repayment feature, provided the program with the automatic payment feature is not the only loan program offered by the creditor for the type of credit involved. Examples include:

i. Mortgages with graduated payments in which a pledged savings account is automatically debited during an initial period to supplement the monthly payments made by the borrower.

ii. Mortgage plans calling for preauthorized biweekly payments that are debited electronically to the consumer's account and produce a lower total finance charge.

2. Overdraft. A financial institution may require the automatic repayment of an overdraft credit plan even if the overdraft extension is charged to an open-end account that may be accessed by the consumer in ways other than by overdrafts.

First published on 4/8/13

First published on 04/08/2013

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