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Security Officer Designation and Training

To fill the role of security officer, our bank may at times arbitrarily appoint an employee from a branch location as the branch security officer. This employee could be a teller, a loan officer, a new accounts rep, or a loan officer who has not received any type of security officer training. I am concerned that the bank is putting employees into a position that they don’t really want to be in and are ill-equipped to handle. I was recently hired as the Senior Security Officer for the entire bank and would like to recommend that the bank discontinue this practice. Is this a normal practice at other banks and, if so, what type of training do you suggest we provide these “newly elected” security officers?

by Banker's Hotline

Answer: Congratulations on your new position! We certainly understand your concern with putting employees into a security role without proper training. While we can’t speak for what “most banks” do, it’s not uncommon for bank employees to wear different hats within the bank – especially when budget cuts and bank mergers come into play.

With that being said, anyone who is placed in a security officer role should be armed with proper training. The guidelines for the designation of a security officer in the FFIEC IT Handbook, 12 CFR 326, subpart A: Minimum Security Procedures, are as follows:

§ 326.3 Security program.
(a) Contents of security program. The security program shall:
(1) Establish procedures for opening and closing for business and for the safekeeping of all currency, negotiable securities, and similar valuables at all times;
(2) Establish procedures that will assist in identifying persons committing crimes against the institution and that will preserve evidence that may aid in their identification and prosecution; such procedures may include, but are not limited to:
(i) Retaining a record of any robbery, burglary, or larceny committed against the institution;
(ii) Maintaining a camera that records activity in the banking office; and
(iii) Using identification devices, such as prerecorded serial-numbered bills, or chemical and electronic devices;
(3) Provide for initial and periodic training of officers and employees in their responsibilities under the security program and in proper employee conduct during and after a robbery, burglar or larceny; and
(4) Provide for selecting, testing, operating and maintaining appropriate security devices, as specified in paragraph (b) of this section.

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First published on 09/05/2021

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