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Sharing Private Information On Facebook Page

Do you feel it is safe for our employees to share their private information on our Facebook Page?

by Jim Bedsole: This question is very vague. I think there is some level of safety or privacy that is compromised with any information published on social media. What level of compromise really depends on what information is being shared and how.


by Ken Golliher: An employer would certainly have a right to comment on what business information its personnel provide in social media. As for an employee's "private" information, consider long and hard the possibility that it might be none of the bank's business.


by Jim Bedsole: Ken, I read the question as asking about posting information on the bank's Facebook page, not the employees' own Facebook page, in which case I think it would be within the realm of the bank's business, wouldn't it? That said, I can't imagine what private information employees are contemplating posting on the bank's Facebook page, so makes the question kind of hard to answer.


by Ken Golliher: Agreed. My assumption was the opposite. I've had the call from the community bank wanting to know how to tell an employee to take down a picture from her own page that "the bank" thought was too risqué.

I told them: MYOB.

First published on 07/24/2016

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