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Software For The Safe Deposit Area

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I am in search of software of some sort to do the following for the Safe Deposit Box area:<ul><li>All agreements and contracts online.</li><li>All entry cards online.</li><li>When a customer wants in their box, they would no longer sign a card. They would sign an electronic pad that would add their signature to their records.</li><li>Do billing and reconciling.</li></ul>Can anyone help me find this?

We went looking for software that would meet your needs and found it at SQN Banking Systems. Ron Richards at SQN told us about the SQN Safe Deposit Operations Software, SENTRY: Safe.

According to Ron, it is a complete low cost software program that is used to manage and operate the safe deposit department at a branch bank.

SENTRY: Safe is used to manage access to the vault. It contains information that will allow any bank associate to quickly and positively identify an "authorized" person before granting entry. It also records a number of important items about the visit, such as time in/time out, who authorized the entry, etc.

SENTRY: Safe is used to simply and manage the accounting function of the department as well. A banker can produce an invoice directly at the branch or send a file to the home office for billing. Also, a complete inventory of the boxes can show which boxes are rented, open, or out of service. And a price list can be included. The reports can show box income and other important information.

SENTRY: Safe can archive data so that valuable space is not filled holding onto paper. If a banker needs a copy of a contract that was "filed" somewhere, SENTRY: Safe can print a copy with a few key strokes. There are a number of management reports so that the safe deposit operations can be managed, not just "provided".

SENTRY: Safe runs on a PC running MS Windows and does not require a dedicated PC. In addition, SQN can provide a digital signature pad and low cost camera so that the included photo I.D. can be used.

For more information, you can contact Ron Richards at (609) 261-5500 or at Free demo CDs are also available to those interested.

First published on 2/4/02

First published on 02/04/2002

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