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SS# for Representative Payee Disability SS

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I have a customer who is opening an account for her husband to receive his Social Security disability payments and she is the representative payee. Is there a certain way that should labeled on the signatory card and shouldn't her husband's SSN be used?

For CIP purposes, the representative payee (wife) is the bank's customer, and her four elements of identification must be obtained and verified to the bank's satisfaction. The account should be styled in such a way as to reflect her status as representative payee. One form suggested by the Social Security Administration is:

Sara Smith, Rep Payee for
John T. Smith

The SSN to be used on the account for IRS purposes is that of the benefits recipient (husband, in your example). For some processing systems, this will require adjusting the account styling so that the name in the first line agrees with the SSN:

John T. Smith, by
Sara Smith, Rep Payee
First published on 3/18/13

First published on 03/18/2013

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