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Statistics on Security Measures

I read some comments regarding bait money on the BOL web site. I agree with the logic, but I have another question. It was stated that we should replace one security measure with another (for example, trade the bait money for better cameras). Are there any statistics on how helpful the other measures are in preventing bank robbers or in catching them? Do you know where I can get such statistics?

From Dana Turner:

Sorry -- robbers haven't released their survey findings. My comments are as a result of my research, training and consulting work -- and I don't keep a list of websites that may contain this information. I use Google to find relevant websites and articles that I use frequently -- and they change often. Still, the best robbery prevention measures I've found include:

  • Installing an appropriate number digital cameras and recorders in multiple locations within the facility;
  • Installing electronic tracking (homing) devices that use GPS technology and that will transmit the device's position to local law enforcement agencies;
  • Installing bullet-resistant barriers and security portals;
  • Installing height markers at every exterior access door;
  • Installing a television at the main point of entry that shows the image of every person entering the facility;
  • Posting signs warning of continual video surveillance -- with images stored off-site and the "remove your disguises" wording;
  • Developing and delivering enhanced robbery prevention and response training for all personnel;
  • Insuring that all lobbies and customer service areas are visually "barrier-free";
  • Contracting with an armored carrier to replenish ATMs;
  • Greeting every person who enters the facility -- multiple times if it's possible;
  • Posting a "most wanted" segment on the institution's website; and
  • Participating in security officer peer groups and using the information gathered for distributing "alerts" and for training employees.

First published on 11/15/04

First published on 11/15/2004

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