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Summary of Regulations

Where I can find a good summary of all the regulations which retail banks are required to comply with and the cost related to compliance?

Answer by David Dickinson: The American Bankers Association produces the "Reference Guide to Regulatory Compliance". This is the best summary of regulations that I have seen.


Answer by Jim Bedsole: David is correct, this is a very good reference for many of the regulations that typically fall under the umbrella of being managed by a bank compliance officer. However, there are many more regulations that a bank must comply with. There are regulations regarding capital levels, loan concentrations, transactions with affiliates, financial reporting, etc. that cover very broad areas. Look at the number of entities that could potentially have laws and regulations that impact banks and you can see that the task of compiling a complete list of all of the regulations is a daunting task that very few have undertaken. For our bank, here are just some of the entities that have laws and regulations that impact us: FDIC, FRB, SEC, FTC, Treasury, FinCEN, OFAC, HUD, VA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, State Board of Financial Institutions and State Department of Consumer Affairs. You can see that with that many entities having a hand in regulating us, the number of regulations increases exponentially.

You may try the Bank Administration Institute in Chicago for research information on the cost of compliance. I know they do a lot of industry research projects and may have something on that. You could also try the American Bankers Association in Washington, DC. Both of these organizations can easily be found on the internet using most any search engine.

First published on 1/15/07

First published on 01/15/2007

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