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VIN # Required for A Car Loan?

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The Fed box on a note. For a car loan, can you only put the year of the car and maybe the make. Do you have to have the vin # there as well?

18(m) Security Interest

1. Purchase money transactions. When the collateral is the item purchased as part of, or with the proceeds of, the credit transaction, 1026.18(m) requires only a general identification such as "the property purchased in this transaction." However, the creditor may identify the property by item or type instead of identifying it more generally with a phrase such as "the property purchased in this transaction." For example, a creditor may identify collateral as "a motor vehicle," or as "the property purchased in this transaction." Any transaction in which the credit is being used to purchase the collateral is considered a purchase money transaction and the abbreviated identification may be used, whether the obligation is treated as a loan or a credit sale.

2. Nonpurchase money transactions. In nonpurchase money transactions, the property subject to the security interest must be identified by item or type. This disclosure is satisfied by a general disclosure of the category of property subject to the security interest, such as "motor vehicles," "securities," "certain household items," or "household goods." (Creditors should be aware, however, that the Federal credit practices rules, as well as some state laws, prohibit certain security interests in household goods.) At the creditor's option, however, a more precise identification of the property or goods may be provided.

First published on 1/28/13

First published on 01/28/2013

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