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What Paper-based Security Features are Most Recommended? -- Source Tech

We are in the process of deploying a new MICR check printing system for teller checks in our branches. There is some debate over the need for different types of on-paper security on the blank check stock. What paper-based security features do you recommend?

We have found the following check stock security features to be of merit:

  • Artificial Watermarks - White on white printing generally on the back reveals words or patterns when held at an angle. You should state on the front of the check that this feature is present. It cannot be copied.
  • Laid Lines - Unevenly spaced background lines that make cut and paste alteration difficult.
  • Void Pantograph - Background printing of the word VOID or COPY which appears on photocopies. Some paper suppliers offer enhanced versions of pantographs which provide protection from the latest in color copier technology.
  • Chemical Additives - If an ink eradicator (bleach, acetone, etc.) is applied to the document, either the word VOID appears, or the eradicator creates a permanent stain.
  • Numbered Check Stock - Sequential numbering printed in dye that penetrates to the reverse side of the check can be used to verify authenticity. This number may or may not relate to the check serial number. This also provides for inventory control of blank check stock.

NOTE: These security features should serve as a general guide for blank check stock and should not be considered an all-inclusive list. We recommend consulting with your paper supplier for any additional comments or suggestions.

First published on 01/17/2005

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