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Sec. 211.13 Supervision and reporting.

(a) Supervision.

(1) Foreign branches and subsidiaries. U.S. banking organizations conducting international operations under this subpart shall supervise and administer their foreign branches and subsidiaries in such a manner as to ensure that their operations conform to high standards of banking and financial prudence.

(i) Effective systems of records, controls, and reports shall be maintained to keep management informed of their activities and condition.

(ii) Such systems shall provide, in particular, information on risk assets, exposure to market risk, liquidity management, operations, internal controls, legal and operational risk, and conformance to management policies.

(iii) Reports on risk assets shall be sufficient to permit an appraisal of credit quality and assessment of exposure to loss, and, for this purpose, provide full information on the condition of material borrowers.

(iv) Reports on operations and controls shall include internal and external audits of the branch or subsidiary.

(2) Joint ventures. Investors shall maintain sufficient information with respect to joint ventures to keep informed of their activities and condition.

(i) Such information shall include audits and other reports on financial performance, risk exposure, management policies, operations, and controls.

(ii) Complete information shall be maintained on all transactions with the joint venture by the investor and its affiliates.

(3) Availability of reports and information to examiners. The reports specified in paragraphs (a)(1) and (2) of this section and any other information deemed necessary to determine compliance with U.S. banking law shall be made available to examiners of the appropriate bank supervisory agencies.

(b) Examinations. Examiners appointed by the Board shall examine each Edge corporation once a year. An Edge or agreement corporation shall make available to examiners information sufficient to assess its condition and operations and the condition and activities of any organization whose shares it holds.

(c) Reports--

(1) Reports of condition. Each Edge or agreement corporation shall make reports of condition to the Board at such times and in such form as the Board may prescribe. The Board may require that statements of condition or other reports be published or made available for public inspection.

(2) Foreign operations. Edge and agreement corporations, member banks, and bank holding companies shall file such reports on their foreign operations as the Board may require.

(3) Acquisition or disposition of shares. Member banks, Edge and agreement corporations, and bank holding companies shall report, in a manner prescribed by the Board, any acquisition or disposition of shares.

(d) Filing and processing procedures--

(1) Place of filing. Unless otherwise directed by the Board, applications, notices, and reports required by this part shall be filed with the Federal Reserve Bank of the District in which the parent bank or bank holding company is located or, if none, the Reserve Bank of the District in which the applying or reporting institution is located. Instructions and forms for applications, notices, and reports are available from the Reserve Banks.

(2) Timing. The Board shall act on an application under this subpart within 60 calendar days after the Reserve Bank has received the application, unless the Board notifies the investor that the 60-day period is being extended and states the reasons for the extension.

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