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Sec. 211.45 Accounting for fees on international loans.

(a) Restrictions on fees for restructured international loans. No banking institution shall charge any fee in connection with a restructured international loan unless all fees exceeding the banking institution's administrative costs, as described in paragraph (c)(2) of this section, are deferred and recognized over the term of the loan as an interest yield adjustment.

(b) Amortizing fees. Except as otherwise provided by this section, fees received on international loans shall be deferred and amortized over the term of the loan. The interest method should be used during the loan period to recognize the deferred fee revenue in relation to the outstanding loan balance. If it is not practicable to apply the interest method during the loan period, the straight-line method shall be used.

(c) Accounting treatment of international loan or syndication administrative costs and corresponding fees.

(1) Administrative costs of originating, restructuring or syndicating an international loan shall be expensed as incurred. A portion of the fee income equal to the banking institution's administrative costs may be recognized as income in the same period such costs are expensed.

(2) The administrative costs of originating, restructuring, or syndicating an international loan include those costs which are specifically identified with negotiating, processing and consummating the loan. These costs include, but are not necessarily limited to: legal fees; costs of preparing and processing loan documents; and an allocable portion of salaries and related benefits of employees engaged in the international lending function and, where applicable, the syndication function. No portion of supervisory and administrative expenses or other indirect expenses such as occupancy and other similar overhead costs shall be included.

(d) Fees received by managing banking institutions in an international syndicated loan. Fees received on international syndicated loans representing an adjustment of the yield on the loan shall be recognized over the loan period using the interest method. If the interest yield portion of a fee received on an international syndicated loan by a managing banking institution is unstated or differs materially from the pro rata portion of fees paid other participants in the syndication, an amount necessary for an interest yield adjustment shall be recognized. This amount shall at least be equivalent (on a pro rata basis) to the largest fee received by a loan participant in the syndication that is not a managing banking institution. The remaining portion of the syndication fee may be recognized as income at the loan closing date to the extent that it is identified and documented as compensation for services in arranging the loan. Such documentation shall include the loan agreement. Otherwise, the fee shall be deemed an adjustment of yield.

(e) Loan commitment fees.

(1) Fees which are based upon the unfunded portion of a credit for the period until it is drawn and represent compensation for a binding commitment to provide funds or for rendering a service in issuing the commitment shall be recognized as income over the term of the commitment period using the straight-line method of amortization. Such fees for revolving credit arrangements, where the fees are received periodically in arrears and are based on the amount of the unused loan commitment, may be recognized as income when received provided the income result would not be materially different.

(2) If it is not practicable to separate the commitment portion from other components of the fee, the entire fee shall be amortized over the term of the combined commitment and expected loan period. The straight-line method of amortization should be used during the commitment period to recognize the fee revenue. The interest method should be used during the loan period to recognize the remaining fee revenue in relation to the outstanding loan balance. If the loan is funded before the end of the commitment period, any unamortized commitment fees shall be recognized as revenue at that time.

(f) Agency fees. Fees paid to an agent banking institution for administrative services in an international syndicated loan shall be recognized at the time of the loan closing or as the service is performed, if later.

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