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Sec. 223.1 Authority, purpose, and scope.

(a) Authority. The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (Board) has issued this part (Regulation W) under the authority of sections 23A(f) and 23B(e) of the Federal Reserve Act (FRA) (12 U.S.C. 371c(f), 371c–1(e)), section 11 of the Home Owners’ Loan Act (12 U.S.C. 1468), and section 312(b)(2)(A) of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (12 U.S.C. 5412).

(b) Purpose. Sections 23A and 23B of the Federal Reserve Act (12 U.S.C. 371c, 371c-1) establish certain quantitative limits and other prudential requirements for loans, purchases of assets, and certain other transactions between a member bank and its affiliates. This regulation implements sections 23A and 23B by defining terms used in the statute, explaining the statute’s requirements, and exempting certain transactions.

(c) Scope. Sections 23A and 23B and this regulation apply by their terms to “member banks” – that is, any national bank, State bank, trust company, or other institution that is a member of the Federal Reserve System. In addition, the Federal Deposit Insurance Act (12 U.S.C. 1828(j)) applies sections 23A and 23B to insured State nonmember banks in the same manner and to the same extent as if they were member banks. The Home Owners’ Loan Act (12 U.S.C. 1468(a)) also applies sections 23A and 23B to insured savings associations in the same manner and to the same extent as if they were member banks (and imposes two additional restrictions).

Subsection 223.1(a) amended effective 9/13/2011, 76 FR 56531.

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