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Sec. 225.177 Definitions

(a) What do references to a financial holding company include?--

(1) Except as otherwise expressly provided, the term ``financial holding company'' as used in this subpart means the financial holding company and all of its subsidiaries, including a private equity fund or other fund controlled by the financial holding company.

(2) Except as otherwise expressly provided, the term ``financial holding company'' does not include a depository institution or subsidiary of a depository institution or any portfolio company controlled directly or indirectly by the financial holding company.

(b) What do references to a depository institution include? For purposes of this subpart, the term ``depository institution'' includes a U.S. branch or agency of a foreign bank.

(c) What is a portfolio company? A portfolio company is any company or entity:

(1) That is engaged in any activity not authorized for the financial holding company under section 4 of the Bank Holding Company Act (12 U.S.C. 1843); and

(2) Any shares, assets or ownership interests of which are held, owned or controlled directly or indirectly by the financial holding company pursuant to this subpart, including through a private equity fund that the financial holding company controls.

(d) Who are the executive officers of a company?--

(1) An executive officer of a company is any person who participates or has the authority to participate (other than in the capacity as a director) in major policymaking functions of the company, whether or not the officer has an official title, the title designates the officer as an assistant, or the officer serves without salary or other compensation.

(2) The term ``executive officer'' does not include--

(i) Any person, including a person with an official title, who may exercise a certain measure of discretion in the performance of his duties, including the discretion to make decisions in the ordinary course of the company's business, but who does not participate in the determination of major policies of the company and whose decisions are limited by policy standards fixed by senior management of the company; or

(ii) Any person who is excluded from participating (other than in the capacity of a director) in major policymaking functions of the company by resolution of the board of directors or by the bylaws of the company and who does not in fact participate in such policymaking functions.

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