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Sec. 221.108 Effect of registration of stock subsequent to making of loan.

(a) The Board recently was asked whether a loan by a bank to enable the borrower to purchase a newly issued nonmargin stock during the initial over-the- counter trading period prior to the stock becoming registered (listed) on a national securities exchange would be subject to this part. The Board replied that, until such stock qualifies as margin stock, this would not be applicable to such a loan.

(b) The Board has now been asked what the position of the lending bank would be under this part if, after the date on which the stock should become registered, such bank continued to hold a loan of the kind just described. It is assumed that the loan was in an amount greater than the maximum loan value for the collateral specified in this part.

(c) If the stock should become registered, the loan would then be for the purpose of purchasing or carrying a margin stock, and, if secured directly or indirectly by any margin stock, would be subject to this part as from the date the stock was registered. Under this part, this does not mean that the bank would have to obtain reduction of the loan in order to reduce it to an amount no more than the specified maximum loan value. It does mean, however, that so long as the loan balance exceeded the specified maximum loan value, the bank could not permit any withdrawals or substitutions of collateral that would increase such excess; nor could the bank increase the amount of the loan balance unless there was provided additional collateral having a maximum loan value at least equal to the amount of the increase. In other words, as from the date the stock should become a margin stock, the loan would be subject to this part in exactly the same way, for example, as a loan subject to this part that became under-margined because of a decline in the current market value of the loan collateral or because of a decrease by the Board in the maximum loan value of the loan collateral.

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