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Sec. 1010.970 Exceptions, exemptions, and reports.

(a) The Secretary, in his sole discretion, may by written order or authorization make exceptions to or grant exemptions from the requirements of this chapter. Such exceptions or exemptions may be conditional or unconditional, may apply to particular persons or to classes of persons, and may apply to particular transactions or classes of transactions. They shall, however, be applicable only as expressly Stated in the order of authorization, and they shall be revocable in the sole discretion of the Secretary.

(b) The Secretary shall have authority to further define all terms used herein.

(c)(1) The Secretary may, as an alternative to the reporting and recordkeeping requirements for casinos in §§1010.306(a), 1021.311, and 1021.410, grant exemptions to the casinos in any State whose regulatory system substantially meets the reporting and recordkeeping requirements of this chapter.

(2) In order for a State regulatory system to qualify for an exemption on behalf of its casinos, the State must provide:

(i) That the Treasury Department be allowed to evaluate the effectiveness of the State's regulatory system by periodic oversight review of that system;

(ii) That the reports required under the State's regulatory system be submitted to the Treasury Department within 15 days of receipt by the State;

(iii) That any records required to be maintained by the casinos relevant to any matter under this chapter and to which the State has access or maintains under its regulatory system be made available to the Treasury Department within 30 days of request;

(iv) That the Treasury Department be provided with periodic status reports on the State's compliance efforts and findings;

(v) That all but minor violations of the State requirements be reported to Treasury within 15 days of discovery; and

(vi) That the State will initiate compliance examinations of specific institutions at the request of Treasury within a reasonable time, not to exceed 90 days where appropriate, and will provide reports of these examinations to Treasury within 15 days of completion or periodically during the course of the examination upon the request of the Secretary. If for any reason the State were not able to conduct an investigation within a reasonable time, the State will permit Treasury to conduct the investigation.

(3) Revocation of any exemption under this subsection shall be in the sole discretion of the Secretary.


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