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Recent documents affecting this regulation.

Federal Register documents affecting this regulation:
FR CitationDateStatusComments
85 FR 11842 2/28/20 Interpretive Rule, eff. 2/28/20 This interpretive rule reverts Q&A #2 back to the wording of the 8/26/16 interpretive rule and adds one Q&A.
82 FR 58739 12/14/17 Interpretive Rule, eff. 12/14/17 This interpretive rule updates three of the Q&As in the 8/26/16 interpretive rule and adds one Q&A.
81 FR 58840 8/26/16 Interpretive Rule, eff. 8/26/16 This interpretive rule provides guidance on certain questions the Department has received regarding compliance with the July 2015 Final Rule.
80 FR 43559 7/22/15 Final rule extending the protections of the MLA to a broader range of closed-end and open-end credit products. Among other amendments, the Department modifies the provisions relating to the optional mechanism a creditor could use when assessing whether a consumer is a “covered borrower,” modifies the disclosures that a creditor must provide to a covered borrower, and implements the enforcement provisions of the MLA. Effective 10/1/15. Compliance required by 10/3/2016; by 10/3/2017 for certain credit card accounts.
78 FR 361346/17/13Advance notice of proposed rulemakingRequests comment by 8/1/13 on the need to revise the Department's existing regulation that, in general, imposes certain limits on and requires certain disclosures relating to the provision of consumer credit to a covered borrower
72 FR 505808/31/07Final Rule; eff. 10/1/07Implements § 670 of Pub. L. 109-364 (John Warner National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007)

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