Banker Briefing for the Week of December 26, 2016

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The following articles are featured in the Lending Section:
  • Does TDR Status Follow the Loan Until Maturity?
  • Is email receipt of the LE sufficient
  • New Loan Estimate If IR Is Still The Same?
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Some experts estimate that compliance costs represent 22% of the net income of community banks. Get a free 2017 Compliance Kit to learn more statistics, 3 top compliance priorities for 2017, and 2 worksheets to help you plan and prepare for compliance success in 2017!

The following articles are featured in the Operations Section:
  • Using the disability distribution code
  • Reg E Dispute Resolution Letter
  • Deposit jointly-payable checks into indiv account?
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91% of banks surveyed stated that each audit requires a minimum of 5 hours of preparation time. A major cause for this inefficiency is dependency on paper documents, particularly with regard to gathering files for auditors. Read this 10-page whitepaper, packed full of findings from 187 community banks. Download the Study of 187 Bankers.

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Does recordkeeping come easy for you or are you finding it difficult to stay on top of the ever-changing regulations? Compared to the legal costs of failing to keep your record retention schedule up to date, a subscription to is a no-brainer. Even the cost of a legal team to keep you on top of the regulations is infinitely more expensive than our service. Do not make the mistake of not keeping your records long enough, or even worse, keeping them too long! Holding records for longer than required is expensive!

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