February 24, 2017

Tech Talk Editors George Milner and Teri Wesley have compiled a summary of this week's tech and cybersecurity news:

  • State springs into cyber regs
  • Nextgen ATM management
  • Hybrid digital bank
  • New mobile banking tech
  • Branch tech in a box
  • Bank trojan network exposed
  • The cyber catch-22
  • Benefits of biometric security
  • Friendly funds transfer
  • Spam, Scams & Breaches
  • Updates, Patches & Alerts
  • and on the lighter side...
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State springs into cyber regs
Deemed the financial capital of the world, New York is leading the way in efforts to protect its residents, banks, insurance companies, and other financial services providers from cybercrime. The New York Department of Financial Services's first-in-the-nation cybersecurity regulation will require banks in the Empire State to implement and maintain an effective cybersecurity program to protect consumers' private data beginning March 1. Get the details at: Tech Talk.

187 Banks Share Audit Preparation Tech Frustrations
A study of 187 community banks found that 91% of those surveyed require more than five hours to prepare for each audit or exam. Paper documents create many bottlenecks, further slowing the process. Learn tips for streamlining your institution's workflow.
— AccuSystems

Nextgen ATM management
With consumers today accessing their financial accounts via multiple channels, banks are relying on technology more than ever to help them effectively manage their branch, online, mobile and ATM operations. ATM solutions provider ESQ has launched the next generation mobile ATM management solution that provides banks and ATM deployers with convenient, real-time data about their ATMs. Get the details at: Tech Talk.

Enriched CAR/LAR, Signature Verification
and Check Stock Reduces Fraud
Is your financial institution looking to invest in a loan management and exception tracking system? Download this free whitepaper to help answer the ROI question. The free report contains helpful templates to make an informed decision.
— Orbograph

Hybrid digital bank
Gone are the days when banks and credit unions only had other banks and credit unions to compete with in the financial services marketplace. Technology has opened up the playing field and fintech providers are taking the banking ball and running with it. A new hybrid digital bank is targeting Americans who want to spend less and save more, and do it online, over the phone or in person. Get the details at: Tech Talk.

New mobile banking tech
Banking has entered a new era of high-tech, high-touch financial services...and banks are upping their game to compete with their fintech competitors. A group of the country's largest banks are teaming up to start Zelle, a digital payments app similar to the popular payments app Venmo. The advantage to Zelle is that users can send payments within their bank's mobile banking app. Bank of America is kicking off the new mobile banking payments tech. Get the details at: Tech Talk.

Branch tech in a box
The popular business cliché "thinking outside the box" refers to approaching problems in new, innovative ways. Global technology provider Aurionpro has launched an innovative solution that lets banks operate more efficiently – inside the box. The company has integrated VTM (virtual teller machine) in its Branch-in-a-Box product that is designed to automate nearly all branch banking transactions. Get the details at: Tech Talk.

Bank trojan network exposed
Last year, security researchers identified a banking trojan that was demonstrating continuous evolution of its tools and techniques with the deployment of new sandbox evasion techniques. Researchers from security firm Palo Alto Networks have recently identified the distribution network for the Ursnif banking trojan. Get the details at: Tech Talk.

The cyber catch-22
The proliferation of the Internet and the explosive growth in fintech have paved the way for advances in the financial industry and enhanced the way consumers shop and bank. The catch-22 is that they have also enabled criminals to target personal data, pilfer bank accounts and steal identities. With financial crime expected to cost businesses over $2 trillion globally by 2019, banks must adopt a proactive defense to fight financial crime. Get the details at: Tech Talk.

Benefits of biometric security
While technology has provided myriad benefits that help consumers and business live and work more efficiently, it has also opened up more doors for cybercriminals to gain access to personal and corporate financial data. The need for more stringent security measures is greater than ever, particularly for financial services providers to protect financial data. Many banks are discovering the benefit of deploying biometric authentication security to replace vulnerable password credentials. Get the details at: Tech Talk.

Friendly funds transfer
Coined by the infamous Willie Sutton, the popular idiom "go where the money is" is often used to explain why thieves choose to rob banks. With the many options that consumers have available today to manage their finances, to remain competitive fintech providers are going where the consumers are. P2P money transfer provider TransferWise is offering Facebook's 1.86 billion monthly active users the ability to transfer funds through the popular social media site's Messenger platform. Get the details at: Tech Talk.

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