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Alogent recently created a new spreadsheet that helps bankers calculate the cost of their current exception tracking workflows.

Modern Payments Infrastructure: 1 Platform, 1 API, All Channels
Is it time for a solution refresh? Legacy processes can’t always keep up. Ask yourself these questions to assess your payments modernization goals and explore the benefits of a single platform for all Day 1 and Day 2 processing.

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Gathering Demographic Info under HMDA

Heather Carlson created a training tool for the 2018 HMDA data collection. She uses it as guidance for Mortgage Loan Originators to help ensure accurate information is obtained according to the bank's procedures and HMDA.

This is a training tool and Heather notes the drop down options don’t work. Those will be from your loan software, or you can build that into an XL or an Acrobat form. This PDF is not intended to be functional, it is a snip of a screenshot from LOS software. Yours may vary. I would recommend that other banks use a picture of their own if it looks vastly different.

First published on 05/04/2018

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