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Alogent recently created a new spreadsheet that helps bankers calculate the cost of their current exception tracking workflows.

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FCRA Notice to Home Loan Applicant - Credit Score Discl.

Paul Hallquist of Beacon Bank in Shorewood, MN, has created a Notice to Home Loan Applicant and Credit Score Disclosure form, plus a separate instruction sheet so that users can easily understand it. The codes are for the Experian Fair Isaac Score 2.

Paul created a document so that the lenders can comply with Section 212 of the FACT Act without having to stop, pull out the credit bureau code sheet, type it all in, and finish the disclosure. He wanted efficiency that would help avoid errors while meeting the FCRA/FACT Act requirements.

Provided below in Word and PDF formats - you may want to review it in PDF, but save the Word files so you can use the "form features" of Word. This is where the efficiencies are most evident.

To save these files to your computer, right click on link select "Save Target As" in Internet Explorer, "Save Link As" in Firefox or follow your browser's instructions.

First published on 03/01/2013

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