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Modern Payments Infrastructure: 1 Platform, 1 API, All Channels
Is it time for a solution refresh? Legacy processes can’t always keep up. Ask yourself these questions to assess your payments modernization goals and explore the benefits of a single platform for all Day 1 and Day 2 processing.

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New Employee Compliance Training PowerPoint

BOL User Maria Roush has created an outstanding PowerPoint presentation designed to acquaint new employees with compliance requirements.Incorporating tons of e-cards from the BOL e-card exchange for humor and visual interest, her 100-slide presentation covers compliance requirements ranging from CIP to RESPA and all the acronyms in between.She has contributed it to Banker Tools, ready to be customized for your bank's use! Maria says that she prints it up in color and the employee is permitted to keep the manual to use as reference material.

Each quarter, she spends one morning (approximately 2-3 hours) with the new employees hired during the preceding quarter.She lightly goes over the presentation material, but focuses more heavily on why each of the regs was developed.This allows employees the opportunity to see the intent of the reg, which makes it easier for them to be compliant.She also covers some of her institution's internal compliance policies and internal Internet-based compliance program, so both of those sections will need to be adjusted before your institution uses them.

First published on 06/01/2005

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