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Top Stories for November 2004

  • Loan Delinquency Rates Report Revised

    The FRB has issued a revision to correct a computational error in the previously announced commercial loan delinquency rates at all commercial banks other than the 100 largest. The errors were almost entirely limited to the residential real estate series. In addition, most historical rates were revised to reflect the corrections. Delinquency Rates    11/30/04

  • NCUA - Fair and accurate Credit Transactions Act implementation

    : The final rule generally requires federal credit unions (FCUs) to develop, implement, and maintain appropriate measures to properly dispose of consumer information derived from consumer reports to address the risks associated with identity theft. Published in FR 11/19/04, it becomes effective 12/29/04. PDF TXT   11/29/04

  • OFAC Adds Mexican Cartel Members And WMD Designation

    Six members of a Mexican drug cartel have been added to the SDN list with the SDNTK designation. Also, one name was deleted, one entry was changed, and a foreign entity was designated as being subject to the import ban of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Trade Control regulation. Information regarding the additions, the deletion and changes has been posted on the BOL OFAC page.    11/29/04

  • PSR Policy Revised

    The FRB has announced that its PSR Policy addressing risk management in payments and securities settlement systems has been revised. Key revisions include an expansion of the policy's scope to include certain FRB payments and revised general risk management expectations for securities settlement systems. PSR Policy    11/29/04

  • Reg T Opinions Released

    The FRB has released legal opinions regarding application of Reg T to trading in a cash account; the possible status of a firm as an "exempted borrower" as defined in Reg T or Reg U; and the proper recording of repurchase agreements involving Treasury, exempted, or any other securities entitled to good faith loan value under Reg T. Cash Account; Exempted Borrower; Repurchase Agreements    11/29/04

  • Unauthorized Internet Bank Alert Issued

    The OCC has issued an Alert regarding Atlantic Standard Chartered Bank & Trust, N.A. The entity represents that it is an Internet Bank and is actively engaged in offering a full range of deposit and banking services. The OCC has not granted a charter to this organization, nor is it authorized to conduct the business of banking or provide banking-related services. Alert    11/29/04

  • Assessment Certified Statement Rule FIL Issued

    The FDIC has issued a FIL regarding changes to the assessment certified statement rule. Under the amended rule, insured institutions are required to obtain assessment invoices online through FDICconnect. In addition, correct certified statements will not be signed and returned to the FDIC.
    FIL    11/29/04

  • Third Quarter Preliminary Interest Rate Risk Measure Report Released

    OTS has released the Preliminary Interest Rate Risk Measure Report for the third quarter 2004.
    Preliminary Report   11/29/04

  • NCUA Proposed Rule for Credit Unions:

    Organization and Operation, Loans and Lines of Credit to members. TXT; PDF   11/26/04

  • OTS - Community Reinvestment Act:

    The OTS is proposing changes to, and soliciting comment on, its Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) regulations in two areas to reduce burden. Comment deadline: 1/24/05 TXT; PDF.    11/24/04

  • OTS - EGRPRA Regulatory Review--Application and Reporting Requirements:

    the Office of Thrift
    Supervision (OTS) is reducing regulatory burden on savings associations by updating and revising various application and reporting requirements. Interiim Final Rule Effective 3/1/05, with comment deadline on 1/24/05. TXT; PDF.    11/24/04

  • Counterfeit Cashier's Checks Bulletin

    The OCC has issued a Bulletin regarding counterfeit cashier's checks drawn on Riverside National Bank, Palm Bay Florida. Information concerning the counterfeit cashier’s checks has been posted on the BOL Alerts & Counterfeits Page.    11/24/04

  • Three Special Alerts Issued

    The FDIC has issued three Special Alerts regarding counterfeit official checks drawn on Webster Bank, National Association, Waterbury, Connecticut; and counterfeit cashier's checks drawn on Mercantile Bank, Orlando, Florida, and Tri City National Bank, Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Information concerning the counterfeit official and cashier’s checks has been posted on the BOL Alerts & Counterfeits Page.    11/24/04

  • Credit Bureaus Announce How Consumers Can Access Free Credit Reports

    The three nationwide consumer reporting companies have announced the Web address, toll-free telephone number, and postal address consumers can use to request a free annual credit report. Free annual reports will be phased in across the country from west to east over a nine-month period. The FTC has published a Q & A for consumers which can be provided to your customers. Free Credit Reports ;
    FTC Q & A

  • Executive Officer 004 Report Form

    The FFIEC has issued a FIL and posted on its Web page a downloadable Annual Report on Indebtedness of Executive Officers and Principal Stockholders to Correspondent Banks form. Institutions are reminded that the forms are not to be sent to their primary regulator, but rather maintained by the institution for a period of three years. FIL    11/24/04

  • 314a Fact Sheet Updated

    The FFIEC has updated its 314a Fact Sheet to include data received as of November 23, 2004 regarding the number of requests processed, the results obtained and feedback from law enforcement.
    Fact Sheet    11/24/04

  • Bank And Thrift Third Quarter Income Sets Record

    The FDIC has published the Quarterly Banking Profile and announced that the third quarter income for commercial banks and savings institutions insured by the agency reported record net income for the third quarter of 2004.
    ; Quarterly Banking Profile    11/24/04

  • FDIC Final Rule published in Federal Register

    Under the final rule, insured institutions will obtain their certified statements on the Internet via the FDIC's transaction-based e-business Web site, FDICconnect. Effective 3/1/05 TXT; PDF.    11/23/04

  • Unauthorized Banking Special Alerts

    The FDIC has issued two Special Alerts regarding four entities that may be conducting unauthorized banking activities in the United States or Canada and another utilizing a Web site that lists an address for the entity in the Cayman Islands. U.S./Canada; Cayman   11/23/04

  • 2005 CRA And HMDA Software Available

    The FFIEC has made available for download from its Web site the 2005 CRA and HMDA data entry software.
    Software    11/23/04

  • OFAC To Change SDN File Format

    OFAC has announced that beginning with the first release of SDN information occurring after November 29, 2004, the format of its delimited and fixed-width SDN files will change. Information regarding the change has been posted on the BOL OFAC page.    11/23/04

  • Bulletin Issued Regarding CMP Inflation Adjustment

    The OCC has issued a Bulletin regarding the previously announced Final Rule which adjusts for inflation the maximum amount of each CMP. Information concerning the adjustment was posted in the November 9, 2004 Top Stories. Bulletin    11/23/04

  • International Reserve Position Released

    Treasury has released the U.S. International Reserve Position for the week ending November 19, 2004.
    Reserve Position    11/23/04

  • Three Counterfeit Cashier's Checks Special Alerts Issued

    The FDIC has issued Special Alerts regarding counterfeit cashier's checks drawn on City National Bank of Florida, Miami, Florida; Citizens Tri-County Bank, Dunlap, Tennessee; and 1st Choice Bank, Houston, Texas. Information concerning the counterfeit cashier’s checks has been posted on the BOL Alerts & Counterfeits page.   11/22/04

  • FIL Issued Regarding New SDGTs

    The FDIC has issued a FIL regarding the previously announced designation by OFAC of additional entities as SDGTs. Information concerning the new designations was posted November 17, 2004, on the BOL OFAC page.
    FIL    11/22/04

  • FCRA And FACTA Consumer Notices Issued

    The FTC has issued final summaries of identity theft and general consumer rights and revised furnisher and user notices under FCRA and the FACTA. Consumer reporting companies are required to notify consumers of their rights and steps they can take to protect themselves against identity theft and difficulties resulting from identity theft. Notices   11/22/04

  • OTS Announces Final EGRPRA Rule and CRA Streamlining Proposal

    A final EGRPRA Rule and a CRA proposal, both intended to reduce regulatory burdens, have been announced by the OTS. OTS NR; EGRPRA; CRA   11/22/04

  • CU Placed In Conservatorship

    NCUA has placed the Midwood Federal Credit Union of Brooklyn, New York, into conservatorship. NCUA has assumed control of service and operations which will continue uninterrupted.
    Conservatorship    11/22/04

  • Greenspan Discusses Globalization

    During his participation in a panel discussion at the 2004 European Banking Conference in Frankfurt, Germany, FDIC Chairman Greenspan expressed his views on the increasing globalization of trade and finance. He noted the marked increase in the economic flexibility of the American economy suggests that market forces should over time restore, without crises, a sustainable U.S. balance of payments.
    Speech  11/22/04

  • FTC Issues Final Regulation on Consumer Information and Records Disposal

    The FTC has issued its final rule regarding the proper disposal of consumer report information and records under FACTA and FCRA. The final rule, which will be published in the Federal Register shortly, will become effective on June 1, 2005.
    Final Rule 11/19/04

  • C&D Issued Against Colorado BHC And Bank

    The FRB has announced the issuance of a Cease and Desist Order against Ameribanc Holdings, Inc., Durango, Colorado, a bank holding company, and its subsidiary bank, the Bank of Durango, Durango, Colorado.
    Order 11/19/04

  • Twenty-Four CRA Evaluations Released

    The OCC has released the CRA evaluations for twenty-four national banks.
    CRA 11/19/04

  • November 2004 Issue Of Electronic Interpretations and Actions Now Online

    The OCC has posted the November 2004 issue of Electronic Interpretations and Actions on its Web site.
    Electronic 11/19/04

  • Schedule RED March 2005 Specifications Issued

    OTS has issued the design specifications for Schedule RED, which will be collected beginning in March 2005. These technical requisites are intended to assist in the transition from the current CMR Supplemental Schedules to Schedule RED.
    Specifications 11/19/04

  • 2005 TIAC New Members And Officers Announced

    The names of six new members of TIAC in addition to its newly designated president and vice president for 2005 have been announced by the FRB.
    TIAC 11/19/04

  • Point-Of-Sale Debit Fees Report Delivered To Congress

    The FRB has delivered to the Senate Banking Committee a report on the disclosure of fees that a depository institution may impose when a customer chooses to secure a point-of-sale debit transaction by providing a PIN.
    Report 11/19/04

  • Three Year Extension For HMDA Loan/Application Register Proposed

    The FRB has issued a proposal to approve the extension for three years, without revision, of the HMDA Loan/Application Register. The closing date for comments is January 21, 2005.
    Proposal 11/19/04

  • Guidance Issued Regarding Internal Control Attestation Standards for Independent Auditors

    The FDIC has issued a FIL which provides guidance on the internal control attestation standards that auditors of insured institutions with $500 million or more in total assets should follow to comply with the FDIC's audit and reporting requirements.
    FIL 11/18/04

  • OCC Issues Bulletin Regarding Proposed Reg E Amendments

    The OCC has issued Bulletin 2004-52, regarding the September 17, 2004 issue of the Federal Register where the FRB proposed changes to Reg. E. Note to readers, the comment period ends November 19, 2004.The original proposal was posted in the September 17, 2004 BOL Top Stories.
    Federal Register 11/18/04

  • Cali Cartel Entities Added To SDNT List

    OFAC has added seven businesses and sixteen individuals to its list of SDNTs. These companies and individuals were acting as fronts for Colombian drug lords and formed a vital part of the organization's financial network in Colombia and abroad. In addition, one individual was deleted from the SDN list and other listings were changed. Information regarding the additions, deletion and changes has been posted on the BOL OFAC page.

  • G.17 Report Issued

    The G.17 Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization report for October 2004 has been issued by the FRB.
    G.17 11/18/04

  • Thrift Industry Third Quarter Earnings Released

    OTS has released the third quarter and profitability data for the thrift industry which shows sustained strong earnings and profitability, solid loan growth, and healthy asset quality.
    Highlights; Charts; Selected Indicators 11/18/04

  • HOEPA December Reference Rates

    The Federal Reserve has posted the new reference rates which lenders must use to determine if loans for which applications are received in December 2004 will be subject to HOEPA under the APR trigger test. Use the daily or weekly FRB H.15 to find applicable release which lists the Treasury Security with the same maturity term as your loan. To make the calculation, you use the yield in effect on the 15th of the month prior to the month you received the application.
    Daily H.15;
    Weekly H.15 11/17/04

  • Reg E Amendments Proposed

    The OCC has proposed amendments to Reg E regarding payroll cards, electronic check conversions, issuance of issue multiple replacement access cards, rules concerning preauthorized EFTs, clarification of the "fourwalls rule", and fee notices on ATMs.
    Proposed Amendments 11/17/04


  • Software Due Diligence Guidance Issued

    The FDIC has issued a FIL regarding performing proper due diligence when selecting computer software or a service provider concerning compliance with applicable laws, including the Bank Secrecy Act and the USA PATRIOT Act.
    Guidance 11/17/04

  • OTS Issues Legal Opinions

    The OTS has issued four legal opinions concerning the applicability of the Illinois Corporate Fiduciary Act to a federal savings bank, location and exportation authority, voting requirements for benefits plans; and underwriting authority for asset-based securities.
    Illinois Fiduciary Act;
    Location and Exportation;
    Voting Requirements;
    Underwriting Authority 11/17/04

  • FTC Enforces GLB Act's Safeguards Rule Against Mortgage Companies

    The FTC has charged two mortgage companies with violating the agency's GLB Safeguards Rule by not having reasonable protections for customers' sensitive personal and financial information. These are the FTC's first cases enforcing the Safeguards Rule.
    Case One;
    Case Two 11/17/04

  • OFAC To Issue Specific Licenses

    OFAC has announced that specific licenses will be issued on a case by case basis to authorize U.S. suppliers to enter into transactions with three Columbian Government-controlled entities that have been designated as SDNTs.
    Specific Licenses 11/17/04

  • September TIC Data Released

    Treasury has released the TIC Data for September 2004.
    TIC Data 11/17/04

  • U.S. Reserve Assets Supplements Issued

    The FRB has issued the 3.12 U.S. Reserve Assets and 3.13 Foreign Official Assets held at Federal Reserve Banks statistical supplements to the October 2004 Federal Reserve Bulletin.
    Supplements 11/17/04

  • Third Quarter BIF and SAIF Financials Released

    The FDIC has released the Third Quarter 2004 financial results for BIF and SAIF.
    Financials 11/17/04

  • Two Flood CMPs Announced

    Civil money penalties have been assessed by the FRB for violations of Flood Act regulations against Cumberland Bank, Franklin, Tennessee and Five Points Bank, Grand Island, Nebraska.
    Cumberland Bank;
    Five Points 11/16/04

  • OCC Enforcement Actions Announced

    The OCC has announced ten enforcement actions taken against national banks and individuals currently and formerly affiliated with national banks and four terminations of existing enforcement actions.
    Enforcement Actions 11/16/04

  • FDIC Assessment Rates Unchanged

    The Board of Directors of the FDIC have voted to keep the assessment rates charged to insured banks and savings associations unchanged for the first half of 2005.
    Assessment Rates 11/16/04

  • Bank Lending Practices Survey Results

    The FRB has released the results of the October 2004 Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey on Bank Lending Practices.
    Survey Results 11/16/04

  • Financial Holding Companies List Updated

    The FRB has updated the list of bank holding companies that have become or have elected to be treated as financial holding companies as of November 12, 2004.
    Financial Holding Companies 11/16/04

  • Cost Of Funds Reports Issued

    OTS has issued the current and historical reports of the national average cost of funds ratio to OTS regulated, SAIF - insured Institutions.
    Current Report;
    Historical Report 11/16/04

  • Violations Requiring OCC Action Listed

    The OCC has issued a Bulletin regarding the publication of a supplement to the OCC Policies and Procedures Manual which identifies those violations or other supervisory findings that require the OCC to take a specific action.
    Bulletin; Supplement 11/15/04

  • FDIC Issues Four Special Alerts

    Special Alerts have been issued by the FDIC regarding counterfeit cashier's checks drawn on Banterra Bank, Marion, Illinois; counterfeit money orders drawn on Sovereign Bank, Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, and Monroe Bank & Trust, Monroe, Michigan; and money orders and official checks that are missing from Hudson United Bank, Mahwah, New Jersey. Information concerning the counterfeit and missing items has been posted on the BOL Alerts & Counterfeits page. 11/15/04

  • Airline Designated SDNTK

    OFAC has added Aero Continente, a passenger and cargo airline based in Lima, Peru, to its list of entities designated as SDNTK pursuant to the Kingpin Act. Information regarding the new designation has been posted on the BOL OFAC page. 11/12/04

  • FRB Raises Fed Funds And Discount Rates

    The FOMC has announced its decision to raise the federal funds rate by 25 basis points and the Board of Governors have approved the requests of Federal Reserve Banks to raise the discount rate by 25 basis points.
    FRB PR1;
    FRB PR2 11/12/04

  • Enforcement Guidance Issued For BSA/AML Program Deficiencies

    The OCC has issued a Bulletin which provides examiners guidance and a consistent approach for citing violations and taking enforcement actions with respect to BSA compliance programs and SAR filing requirements. Bulletin 11/12/04

  • Unauthorized Internet Banks Alert

    OCC has been advised by Canadian authorities that All Canadian Financial Co and Fairbank Group, Offshore Banking are actively engaged in the unauthorized offering of deposit and banking services via the Internet.
    Unauthorized Banking 11/12/04

  • FDIC Enforcement Actions Released

    The FDIC has released a list of orders of administrative enforcement actions taken against banks and individuals in September 2004. A total of 39 orders are listed and include two cease and desist orders, seven removal and prohibition orders, four civil money penalty orders, 20 terminations of insurance, four terminations of cease-and-desist orders, and two adjudicated decisions.
    Enforcement Actions 11/12/04

  • FDIC Insurance DVD Available

    The FDIC has produced a 27-minute digital video on deposit insurance coverage for bank employees and bank customers which provides an overview of how deposit insurance works, focusing on the most common account ownership categories used by individuals and families. DVD 11/12/04

  • OCC Publishes CMP Inflation Adjustment in FR

    The OCC is amending its rules of practice and procedure to adjust the maximum amount of each civil money penalty (CMP) within its jurisdiction to account for inflation. 69FR65067 (txt) 69FR65067 (pdf) 11/10/04

  • OCC Seeks C&D And CMP Against Bank Auditor

    The OCC has announced that a public hearing will be held before an Administrative Law Judge concerning proposed enforcement proceedings against Grant Thornton LLP, former external auditor for the failed First National Bank of Keystone, Keystone, West Virginia. The regulator is seeking a cease and desist order that would require Grant Thornton to perform various enhanced auditing practices and procedures whenever it audits insured depository institutions in addition to a CMP of $300,000.
    OCC NR 11/10/04

  • Counterfeit Cashier's Checks Special Alert

    The FDIC has issued a Special Alert regarding counterfeit cashier's checks drawn on Northeast Bank, Auburn, Maine. Information concerning the counterfeit cashier's checks has been posted on the BOL Alerts & Counterfeits page. 11/10/04

  • 314(a) Facts And Feedback Updates

    FinCEN has updated its 314(a) Fact Sheet which contains data regarding terrorism and money laundering information requests plus feedback from law enforcement.
    314(a) Fact Sheet 11/10/04

  • Four Working Papers Published

    The FRB has published three working papers in the International Finance Discussion series and one in the Finance and Economics Discussion series.
    International Finance Series;
    Finance and Economics Series 11/10/04

  • Survey Reports Easing Of Loan And Underwriting Standards

    The results of the OCC’s tenth annual Survey of Credit Underwriting practices indicate that commercial loan standards eased over the past year and slightly more banks eased credit underwriting standards than tightened them.
    Survey 11/10/04

  • November G.20 Released

    The FRB has released the G.20 Financial Companies report for November 2004.
    G.20 11/10/04

  • CMP Inflation Adjustment

    OTS has issued a final rule which adjusts CMPs for inflation as required by statute every four years.
    CMP Adjustment 11/9/04

  • International Reserve Position Update

    Treasury has released the U.S. International Reserve Position for the week ending November 5, 2004.
    Reserve Position 11/9/04

  • FR Publishes PR on Proposed Fee for Credit Scores

    The PR from FTC seeking public comment on different approaches to determining a “fair and reasonable” fee for credit scores under FACTA and FCRA has been published in the FR. 69FR64698 (txt) 69FR64698 (pdf)  11/8/04

  • OCC Updates Reg CC Examination Procedures

    The OCC has issued a bulletin regarding the updating of its Reg CC examination procedures. The major changes to the examination procedures relate to the requirements of the Check 21 Act that apply to banks, including a model consumer awareness disclosure and other model notices and expedited recrediting requirements.
    Examination Procedures  11/8/04

  • OFAC Cites One Bank

    OFAC has released the Civil Penalties Enforcement Information for November 5, 2004. The list includes one bank that voluntarily disclosed a funds transfer that was in violation of a Kosovo sanctions program and was assessed a penalty of $3,346.82.
    OFAC CMP  11/8/04

  • FDIC CRA Evaluations Released

    The FDIC has issued its monthly list of state nonmember banks recently evaluated for compliance with CRA. The list covers evaluation ratings that the FDIC assigned to institutions evaluated in August 2004.
    CRA List  11/8/04

  • Regulatory Reports Monitoring Program Terminated

    The FRB has announced that the Regulatory Reports Monitoring Program has been terminated due to the fact banking organizations have consistently been fulfilling their legal obligations related to regulatory reports and that they have rarely missed filing deadlines, or submitted inaccurate or misleading information in their regulatory reports.
    Termination  11/8/04

  • Legal Opinion Regarding FSAs and State Licensing Requirements

    The OTS Chief Counsel has released a legal opinion regarding the authority of a FSA to perform banking activities through agents without regard to state licensing requirements.
    Opinion  11/8/04

  • OCC 2004 Annual Report Published

    The OCC's annual report sets forth the agency's accomplishments in supervision, regulation, risk analysis, and chartering in fiscal year 2004. It also describes management initiatives, financial management results, and OCC outreach to industry, community, and consumer organizations. Annual Report  11/8/04

  • OCC Telephone Seminar Transcripts Online

    The OCC has posted information from the July and September Telephone Seminars on its Banker Education page. Items include the transcripts and slides from "Outsourcing Technology Services: A Management Decision" and the information package from "Financing Minority Businesses".
    Information Package  11/8/04

  • September 2004 Consumer Credit Report Released

    The FRB has released the G.19 Consumer Credit Report for September 2004.
    G.19  11/8/04

  • OCC- Final Rule published in Federal Register

    : Corporate activities: National banks — Operating subsidiaries; annual report. Text PDF  11/5/04

  • Disclosure Violations Result In $37 Million Penalty

    The SEC has announced the settlement of its claims against Wachovia Corporation for violations of proxy disclosure and other reporting requirements in connection with the 2001 merger between First Union Corporation and Old Wachovia Corporation. Under the settlement, Wachovia must pay a $37 million penalty.
    Settlement  11/5/04

  • FRB 2005 Fee Schedules Released

    The FRB has announced the fee schedules for Federal Reserve Bank payment services for depository institutions (priced services) which will be effective January 3, 2005.
    2005 Fee Schedules 11/5/04

  • 2004 CRA/HMDA Reporter Newsletter Published

    FFIEC has published 2004 issue yearly newsletter provides information on various topics to assist in the collection and reporting of CRA and HMDA data. It informs readers of new developments and changes for the upcoming processing year as well as answers to commonly asked questions.
    2004 Newsletter 11/5/04

    OTS - Final Rule published in Federal Register: Practice and procedure in adjudicatory proceedings

    The Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act of 1990 requires all federal agencies with statutory authority to impose civil money penalties (CMPs) to evaluate and adjust those CMPs every four years. The Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) last adjusted its CMP statutes in 2000. Consequently, OTS is issuing this final rule to implement the required adjustments to OTS's CMP statutes. Text PDF  11/4/04

  • Banking Agencies Finalized Basel II Survey Documents

    The U.S. banking agencies have made available survey materials for the fourth Quantitative Impact Study (QIS-4) and a related Loss Data Collection Exercise (LDCE) in preparation for the U.S. implementation of the Basel II Capital Framework. QIS-4LDCE; FRB PRFDIC PR 11/4/04

  • FTC Seeks Comments on Proposed Fee for Credit Scores

    The FTC is seeking public comment on different approaches to determining a “fair and reasonable” fee for credit scores under FACTA and FCRA. Proposed Fee  11/4/04

  • Second Quarter 2004 Quarterly Review Published

    OTS has published and posted online the Second Quarter 2004 issue of The Quarterly Review Of Interest Rate Risk which features an article on “Prepayment Risk and Collateralized Mortgage Obligations.”
    Quarterly Review  11/4/04

  • CRA Ratings Released By OTS

    OTS has released the October 2004 CRA ratings for savings institutions evaluated during the reporting period. CRA Ratings 11/3/04

  • Counterfeit Bank Money Orders Special Alert

    The FDIC has issued a Special Alert regarding counterfeit bank money orders drawn on The Valley State Bank, Syracuse, Kansas. Information concerning the counterfeit money orders has been posted on the BOL Alerts & Counterfeits page 11/3/04.

  • GLBA Bank Broker Registration Deadlines Extended

    The SEC has announced the extension of the compliance dates for banks with respect to certain broker registration requirements contained in GLBA. Extension 11/3/04

  • International Reserve Position

    Treasury has released the U.S. International Reserve position for the week ending October 29, 2004.
    Reserve Position  11/3/04

  • Check 21 Processing Report

    FRB Services has indicated that the Federal Reserve banks are accepting, printing and presenting substitute checks nightly and are anticipating the arrival of imaged cash letter deposits. The Agency acknowledged that the operational challenges it will encounter processing image cash letters will be greater than initially anticipated. Check 21 Processing  11/2/04

  • 314(a) Fact Sheet Published

    FinCEN has published a Fact Sheet that reports on the requests sent to and the responses received from financial institutions as of October 26, 2004 pursuant to the provisions of Section 314(a) of the USA PATRIOT Act. Fact Sheet  11/2/04

  • October Foreign Exchange Rates Released

    The FRB has released the G.5 Foreign Exchange Rates report for October 2004.
    G. 5  11/2/04

  • Department of Housing and Urban Development

    HUD’s Regulation of the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac): GSE Housing Goals—Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking PDF  Text 11/2/04

  • Department of Housing and Urban Development

    HUD’s Housing Goals for the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) for the Years 2005–2008 and Amendments to HUD’s Regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - Final Rule. PDF  Text 11/2/04

  • Written Agreement With California Bank Announced

    The FRB has announced the execution of a Written Agreement by and between the County Bank, Merced, California and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco regarding the bank’s compliance with BSA and AML policies and procedures.
    Written Agreement 11/1/04

  • FTC Issues Final Rules Regarding FACT Act ID Theft Provisions

    The FTC has issued its final rules under the FACT Act regarding further definition of the terms “identity theft” and “identity theft report”; the duration of active duty alerts; and the appropriate proof of identity needed by consumers to block fraudulent trade lines in their consumer reports, place or remove fraud or active duty alerts, or truncate their Social Security number in their file disclosures.Final Rules 11/1/04

  • OCC Announces New Electronic Interpretations and Actions

    The OCC has announced the posting of the October 2004 issue of Electronic Interpretations and Actions.
    Electronic Interpretations 11/1/04

  • FDIC To Host Phishing Teleconference

    The FDIC has announced that its San Francisco Regional Office will host on November 17, 2004, a teleconference on “Phishing” that is open to FDIC-supervised institutions in the San Francisco Region. Participants may call in from any location, are not required to be onsite at their institution and online reservations will be accepted.
    Phishing 11/1/04

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