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Top Stories for March 2002

  • Fraudulent Bonus Checks For Non-Existent Jobs

    In FIL-30-2002 the FDIC tells of individuals and banks being victimized by a convoluted scheme involving online job applications and checks for "signing bonuses". 3/29/02

  • FTC to Announce Formation of NetForce

    On April 2 the FTC will have a press conference to announce the formation of an International NetForce to target deceptive spam and Internet fraud. Details about the press conference. 3/29/02

  • FTC Extends Comment Deadline on Changes to Telemarketing Sales Rule

    The Federal Trade Commission announced it has extended the public comment period for proposed changes to its Telemarketing Sales Rule until April 15, 2002 3/29/02

  • Michigan Bank Fails; FDIC Approves Payout

    The Board of Directors of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) approved the payout of the insured deposits of New Century Bank, Shelby Township, MI. The bank was closed today by the Michigan Commissioner of the Office of Financial and Insurance Services, and the FDIC was named receiver. PR-38-2002   Bank Closing Info 3/29/02

  • FDIC Report Evaluates Mortgage Lending Changes

    A report released in the FDIC's Regional Outlook evaluates changes in mortgage lending during the economic expansion of the 1990s, and the possibility that weaker home price growth could bring difficulties to home borrowers and their lenders. The report concludes that the risk of significant downward correction in house prices is not geographically widespread, but that some previously booming locations are exhibiting heightened home price risk. PR-37-2002   FDIC's FYI 3/29/02

  • The Importance of Managing Outsourcers

    A jury awarded a bank consultant a judgment of $276 million against a bank March 27, 2002 in a case where the consultant reportedly developed online loan application software for the bank and the bank subsequently formed its own subsidiary that allegedly used many of the consultant's methods. By utilizing its own company, the bank allegedly cut the consultant out of the processing fee he would have earned on each online loan application. Look at the news report on the case and consider your own outsourcing arrangements and precautions you should be taking now to avoid future disputes. 3/28/02

  • SEC Obtains Emergency Court Orders to Shut Down a Prime Bank Scheme

    The Securities and Exchange Commission obtained emergency court orders to shut down a nationwide, $98 million prime bank scheme and recover victims%™ money. The complaint alleges a team of "facilitators" falsely claimed to investors that their money would be used in Europe to trade financial instruments with top 25% or top 50% banks in a program sponsored by the Federal Reserve and global organizations. However, neither the financial instruments touted by RDI nor the markets on which they purportedly trade exist. SEC Press Release 3/28/02

  • FATF Issues Guidance Notes for Recommendations

    The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) on Money Laundering has issued guidance notes for its special recommendations on Terrorist Financing and the Self-Assessment Questionnaire. FATF Guidance Notes 3/27/02

  • GLBA Pretexting Case Settled

    Information brokers who allegedly using deception to obtain consumers' confidential financial information have agreed to give up their ill-gotten gains as part of a settlement of Federal Trade Commission charges that their practices violated federal law. The settlements also bars the operators from obtaining or hiring others to obtain consumers' financial information through illegal means or by hiring or contracting with others who use illegal methods to obtain consumers' financial information. The scheme involved the use of Web sites. FTC Release 3/27/02

  • Counterfeit Personal Money Orders in Circulation

    FDIC has issued FIL-28-2002 to alert banks that counterfeit personal money orders payable through Bank One, NA, Columbus, Ohio, and Bank of the Bluegrass & Trust Co., Lexington, Kentucky, are in circulation. The account numbers used on the counterfeit items are not the account numbers used by either bank for money orders. Attached for your information are copies of some of the counterfeit instruments. They were received as payment on credit card accounts in an attempt to fraudulently increase credit lines. This information was brought to the attention of FDIC by The New Millennium Bank, New Brunswick, New Jersey. 3/27/02

  • FDIC Publicizes Recent OFAC Changes

    In FIL-26-2002 and FIL-27-2002, the FDIC informs state-chartered nonmember banks of the March 11 and March 15 changes made to the OFAC list (which were previously reported on Top Stories). 3/27/02

  • Comptroller Hawke Spotlights Benefit of Regulator Independence

    Comptroller of the Currency John D. Hawke, Jr. said today that the banking industry's good health -- and its ability to support the economy as it emerges from economic difficulties -- owes in part to the independence of the bank regulatory agencies. NR 2002-31   Text of Speech(doc file) 3/26/02

  • 2002 Annual Performance Plan

    The FDIC's Annual Performance Plan implements the FDIC's strategic goals and objectives by establishing annual performance goals. 3/25/02

  • OCC Chief Counsel Julie L. Williams Urges Banks to be Vigilant In Avoiding Unfair and Deceptive Marketing Practices

    New guidance issued by the OCC will help banks maintain high-quality customer service, said Julie L. Williams, the OCC's First Senior Deputy Comptroller and Chief Counsel. The advisory letter on unfair or deceptive acts or practices "is part of our effort to identify potentially problematic practices and provide guidance to national banks on how to avoid them," Ms. Williams said in a speech before a compliance conference sponsored by the Maryland and Delaware banking associations. OCC:NR 2002- 30, Speech 3/25/02

  • Reminder of Reg H Prior Approval Requirement for Biz Plan Changes

    The Federal Reserve has issued SR 02-9 to remind state-chartered member banks of the Regulation H requirement that they obtain prior approval of the FRB before making any significant change in business plans. SR 02-9 3/22/02

  • OTS Summarizes PATRIOT Act

    A summary of the USA PATRIOT Act has been prepared by the staff of the Office of Thrift Supervision. The 11 page PDF document summaries the provisions which are applicable to thrift operations. OTS PATRIOT Act Summary 3/21/02

  • The Yield Spread Premium Soap Opera Continues

    The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals on March 21, 2002, reversed the class certification in the case of Glover v. Standard Federal Bank and Heartland Mortgage. Previously, the district court had created a nationwide class all individuals who obtained a mortgage financed by Standard Federal and brokered by any mortgage broker. The 8th circuit accepts the loan-specific liability test promulgated by HUD, which recognizes that yield spread premiums may legitimately be used as way to finance closing costs. The court therefore holds that a loan-specific analysis is required in order to determine whether the payment of a yield spread premium is based upon services rendered or an illegal referral. Class certification is therefore impracticable. Individual plaintiffs can still sue on an individual basis, but the certification of all the borrowers as a class in this case was improper. Glover v. Standard Federal Bank 3/22/02

  • FDIC Reports Weakened U.S. Office Markets Could Decline Further

    The demand for U.S. commercial office space deteriorated significantly in 2001 and conditions could weaken further in some key metro areas in 2002, according to a report released by the FDIC. FDIC:PR-35-2002 3/22/02

  • FRB Releases Consumer Guide to Electronic Check Conversions

    The Federal Reserve Board has published a guide to help consumers better understand their rights and responsibilities with regard to electronic check conversion transactions. "When is Your Check Not a Check? Electronic Check Conversion," discusses what electronic check conversion is, how consumers can tell if their check will be electronically converted, some of the differences between a regular check transaction and electronic check conversion, consumers' rights in an electronic check conversion transaction, and what consumers can do if they have problems with such transactions. FRB Press Release Electronic Check Conversion Guide     PDF Version of Guide 3/22/02

  • FRB Governor Susan S. Bies Speaks on Community Bank Challenges

    In a speech to the Ohio Bankers Day Conference, Ohio Department of Commerce, FRB Governor Susan S. Bies addressed financial performance of U.S. banks, in particular, of community banks; the improvements that banks large and small are making in measuring and managing risk; and finally, the responsibilities of directors and senior managers in corporate governance. Speech 3/22/02

  • FRB Supervisory Letter on Section 327 Implementation

    The FRB has issued SR 02-8 relating to implementation of Section 327 of the USA PATRIOT Act in the applications process. Section 327 of the USA Patriot Act amends the Bank Holding Company Act to require the Federal Reserve to consider the effectiveness of an applicant company in combating money laundering activities, when it acts on an application filed under section 3 of the Bank Holding Company Act or when it acts on an application under the Bank Merger Act. SR 02-8 3/22/02

  • Major Predatory Lending Settlement

    The FTC has announced the terms of their largest settlement in a subprime lending case. We've pulled together highlights from the FTC's press conference. Access our article Predatory Lending Practices Result in Large Settlement

    , as well as the FTC press release. 3/22/02

  • FTC Testimony on Identity Theft

    The FTC told the Senate Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Technology, Terrorism, and Government Information that while there is good reason for consumers to be concerned about falling victim to identity theft, there are "real and positive steps" that can be taken to reduce the incidence of this crime and alleviate the harm to consumers. FTC Press Release 3/21/02

  • OTS Will Examine for USA PATRIOT Act Compliance

    OTS and the thrift industry have been working together and along with law enforcement agencies to cut the purse strings of terrorists,% said Director James E. Gilleran. The USA Patriot Act enhanced our ability to cut off the financing of terrorism by strengthening the tools we have to prevent, detect and prosecute international money laundering.% OTS 02-13 3/21/02

  • Verifying Customer Identification

    Proposed regulations are expected from Treasury on minimum standards for verifying customer identification under Section 326 of the USA PATRIOT Act. Until then, when verifying identity, keep in mind the ease with which a social security number may have been compromised and look for any evidence that may indicate a SSN is being fraudulently used. The Social Security Act requires state motor vehicle agencies (MVAs) to collect SSNs on drivers license applicants (although it does not require the number to be displayed on the license). A new GAO report mentions deficiencies in MVA protection of social security data. (See p. 14-18 of the GAO Report). Look also at whether similar deficiencies in protecting customer information might exist at your own institution. 3/21/02

  • Latest FDIC Survey Finds Continued Slowing In Real Estate Markets

    The latest results of the FDIC's Survey of Real Estate Trends indicated continued deterioration in the nation's property markets during the second half of 2001. Reports of somewhat worsening conditions were significantly higher compared to six months ago for all property markets but were most prevalent for the commercial markets. FDIC:PR-30-2002 3/21/02

  • Interagency Statement Regarding Arthur Andersen

    The federal financial institutions supervisory agencies announced that the financial institutions they supervise should follow the guidance issued by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission with respect to auditing and accounting work performed by Arthur Andersen LLP. FRB Press Release, OCC:NR 2002-29, FDIC-PR-33-2002 , OTS 02-14 3/20/02

  • OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 29 National Banks

    The OCC released a list of Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) performance evaluations that became public during the period of February 15 through March 14, 2002. The list contains only national banks and insured federal branches of foreign banks that have received ratings. OCC:NR 2002-28 3/20/02

  • OCC Announces 11 New Enforcement Actions and 1 Terminations

    The OCC announced 11 new enforcement actions taken against national banks and individuals currently and formerly affiliated with national banks and 1 termination of an existing enforcement action. OCC:NR 2002- 27 3/20/02

  • Fed Leaves Interest Rate Unchanged

    The FOMC decided to keep its target for the federal funds rate unchanged at 1-3/4 percent. FRB Press Release 3/20/02

  • OCC Files Notice of Charges Against People's National Bank of Paris, Texas

    The OCC filed a notice of charges against People's National Bank, Paris, Texas, alleging that the bank engaged in unsafe and unsound practices in connection with its high-risk, subprime payday lending operation. OCC:NR 2002- 26 3/19/02

  • NCUA Issues Final Rule Concerning Financial and Statistical Reports

    NCUA is revising its rule concerning financial and statistical reports to require all federally-insured credit unions to file
    quarterly Financial and Statistical Reports with NCUA. Currently, only federally-insured credit unions with assets over $50 million must file these reports quarterly. All other federally-insured credit unions are required to file these reports semi-annually. 67FR12459 (text) 3/19/02

  • FFIEC Updates Draft Reporting Forms

    The FFIEC has updated two Draft Reporting Forms for March 2002 -- FFIEC 031(Consolidated Reports of Condition and Income for A Bank With Domestic and Foreign Offices) and FFIEC 041 (Consolidated Reports of Condition and Income for A Bank With Domestic Offices Only). 3/19/02

  • OFAC Updates SDN list and OFAC's Terrorism brochure

    OFAC's SDN list and OFAC's Terrorism brochure have been updated to include the information released on Friday, March 15th. OFAC Update 3/19/02

  • OCC Concludes that GLBA and Barnett Decision Show Parts of Massachusetts Law do not Apply to National Banks

    The Massachusetts Bankers Association had asked the OCC for an opinion on whether three provisions of a Massachusetts law relating to the sale of insurance by banks apply to national banks. NR 2002-25 3/19/02

  • Comptroller Urges Industry to Adapt Technology To Give Low-Income Americans Greater Access to Banking Services

    Low-income Americans constitute a large and potentially important market for financial services providers, and technology gives banks a means to serve that market in a cost-effective way, Comptroller of the Currency John D. Hawke Jr. said. OCC:NR 2002-24, Speech 3/19/02

  • FDIC FIL about OFAC Changes

    The FDIC has published FIL-25 to notify banks of a recent OFAC change where OFAC amended its listing of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons by removing the a Specially Designated Narcotics Trafficker. [The OFAC change itself was previously covered on BOL.] FDIC:FIL-25-2002 3/19/02

  • FFIEC Reports that the December 31, 2001 Uniform Bank Performance Report are Online

    The online version of the UBPR includes 5 years of continuous financial history that is restated quarterly to reflect call report amendments and new analytical tools. FFIEC Press Release 3/18/02

  • OCC Issues Alert on Suspicious Transactions

    The OCC has been advised by TCF National Bank, Minneapolis, MN, that certain "confirmation of funds" letters, issued from the bank's Arlington Heights Road branch office, were issued without the authority of the bank. OCC:Alert 2002-13/18/02

  • OCC Issues Unauthorized Banking Alert

    The OCC has not granted a national bank charter to this entity and the District of Columbia has not granted permission for it to operate a banking business. This entity is not associated with Chase Manhattan Bank of New York or any of Chase Manhattan Bank of New York's subsidiaries or affiliates. OCC:Alert 2002-2 3/18/02

  • Treasury Conducts Study of Information Sharing Practices Among Financial Institutions and Their Affiliates

    The Secretary of the Treasury, in conjunction with the federal functional regulatory agencies and the Federal Trade Commission is conducting a study of information sharing by financial institutions. The study is required by section 508 of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999. OCC 2002-113/18/02

  • FRB Issues Supervisory Letter on Section 314 of the USA PATRIOT Act

    The SR letter describes a new, immediately effective regulation concerning the sharing of information about terrorist financing and money laundering among financial institutions that was issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, through its Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). The FinCEN rule was issued pursuant to section 314(b) of the USA Patriot Act on March 4, 2001. All banking organizations supervised by the Federal Reserve should take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that the appropriate staff learns about its provisions. (The proposal and interim rule were earlier reported on Top Stories when announced and when published.) FRB:SR 02-6 3/18/02

  • Treasury Issues Final Rule to Amend the Treasury Tax and Loan Program

    The rule provides the Secretary greater flexibility to adjust the rate of interest charged on funds loaned through the existing TT&L investment option. 67FR11573 (text) 67FR11573 (pdf) 3/15/02

  • FDIC Issues FIL on Section 314 of the USA PATRIOT Act

    The FDIC has issued FIL-24-2002 to alert banks to the Treasury Department's proposed rule and interim rule on Information Sharing promulgated under Section 314(b) of the USA PATRIOT Act. (The proposal and interim rule were earlier reported on Top Stories when announced and when published.) FDIC:FIL-24-2002 3/15/02

  • FDIC Publishes Consumer News

    This issue features a story on Weathering a financial storm: how to protect yourself and your family. FDIC Consumer News 3/15/02

  • Comptroller Hawke Says Industry Still Faces Challenges, But Emerged from Difficulties of 2001 in Good Condition

    Julie L. Williams, Chief Counsel and First Senior Deputy Comptroller for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, told a House Financial Services subcommittee that the OCC strongly supports provisions in pending legislation that would eliminate unnecessary regulatory burden on banks. OCC:NR 2002-23, Oral Statement, Testimony 3/15/02

  • FDIC Report Shows Insurance Funds Erode In 2001

    Growth of insured deposits and recent increases in the reserves for future losses contributed to a decline in the reserve ratios of the deposit insurance funds in 2001, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) reported in the Quarterly Banking Profile. FDIC:PR-32-2002 , FYI 3/14/02

  • OTS Director Gilleran Outlines Policy Prescriptions at ACB Conference

    OTS Director James Gilleran highlighted several important policy initiatives facing the thrift industry in remarks before America's Community Bankers in Washington. OTS 02-12 3/14/02

  • NCUA Chairman to Testify Before U.S. House of Representatives

    NCUA Chairman Dennis Dollar will testify before a U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee regarding the Financial Services Regulatory Relief Act of 2002, a bill to be introduced. He is scheduled to testify with other federal financial regulators on Thursday, March 14, 2002, at 9:30 a.m. NCUA Press Release 3/13/02

  • Federal Banking Regulatory Agencies Jointly Issue Statement on Sound Country Risk Management Practices

    The FDIC, FRB, and OCC have recently agreed on a joint statement addressing "Sound Risk Management Practices" for country risk. The statement describes the elements of an effective country risk management process. FDIC:FIL-23-2002, OCC 2002-10, FDIC:FIL-23-2002, FRB Press Release 3/12/02

  • Regulators Issue Common Form for Charter and Federal Deposit Insurance Applications

    Effective immediately, the "Interagency Charter and Federal Deposit Insurance Application" form will be used to apply for a national bank or federal savings association charter and for federal deposit insurance. OCC:NR 2002-22, OTS 02-11, FDIC-PR-31-2002 3/12/02

  • Interagency Loan Data Request to Improve the Bank Examination Process

    The federal bank supervisory agencies and the CSBS announced an interagency effort to improve the efficiency of the examination process by standardizing the request for electronic loan information. This information is used primarily to conduct community and mid-size bank safety and soundness examinations and is currently provided in a variety of formats that can be time consuming and costly for regulators, banks and service providers to administer. OCC:NR 2002-21, FDIC-PR-29-2002, FRB Press Release 3/12/02

  • Bank Auditing in the Wake of Enron

    FDIC Chairman Don Powell believes financial institution regulators should consider strengthening the ground rules governing bank auditing and accounting. In his most recent speech, he mentions possible reforms and details the authority regulators already have to address auditing conflicts of interest, to mandate the retention of auditing documents, and to enhance sanctions imposed on auditors. FDIC Speech, FDIC:PR-30-2002 , FYI 3/12/02

  • FDIC FIL about OFAC Changes

    The FDIC has published FIL-22 to notify banks of a recent OFAC change where OFAC amended its listing of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons. [The OFAC change itself was previously covered on BOL.] FDIC:FIL-22-2002 3/8/02

  • The FDIC Reports The Effects Of The U.S. Economic Slowdown

    Houston's banks could face a challenging 2002, according to a report released by the FDIC. The latest edition of FYI is the first of a series of profiles that will highlight regional issues facing U.S. banks. FDIC:PR-28-2002

  • Comptroller Hawke Says Industry Still Faces Challenges, But Emerged from Difficulties of 2001 in Good Condition

    Comptroller of the Currency John D. Hawke, Jr. told bankers that the industry emerged from the difficult months of 2001 in far better shape than anyone could have anticipated, but reminded them that many challenges lie ahead. OCC:NR 2002-20, Comptroller's Speech 3/8/02

  • OCC Reports Derivatives Volume Falls Below $50 Trillion

    U.S. commercial banks saw earnings from cash instruments and derivatives activities drop $805 million, to $2.65 billion, in the fourth quarter of 2001. OCC:NR 2002-19 Bank Derivatives Report 3/8/02

  • OTS Posts 4th Quarter Thrift Industry Data

    The report covers earnings and a range of financial and other data collected from the thrift industry for the period October 1 through December 31, 2001. OTS 02-10 3/7/02

  • OCC and ABA Cosponsor Community and Economic Development Conference

    The OCC and ABA will co-sponsor the 2002 National Community and Economic Development Conference titled "Grow Markets....Grow Profits" in Baltimore, Maryland on March 17-19. OCC:NR 2002-18 3/7/02

  • FFIEC Releases UBPR Schedule

    The FFIEC has announced that UBPR's will be available online 35 days after an institution's call report is filed. For the call reports which were due 1/31/02, UBPRs are available online beginning March 6. Online UBPR Schedule 2002 Hints For Using The Online UBPR 3/6/02

  • NCUA to Participate in HUD Project Focusing on the Colonias Gateway Initiative

    The NCUA will join the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development for a workshop focusing on housing and economic development issues in the Colonias region of the southwestern United States. NCUA Press Release 3/6/02

  • FDIC Issues Alert on Counterfeit Official Bank Checks

    The FDIC has learned that counterfeit cashier's checks drawn on Greenfield Banking Company, Greenfield, Indiana, are in circulation. FDIC:FIL-21-2002 3/6/02

  • FDIC FIL about OFAC Changes

    The FDIC has published FIL-20 to notify banks of a recent OFAC change where OFAC amended its listing of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons. [The OFAC change itself was previously covered on BOL.] FDIC:FIL-20-2002 3/6/02

  • FDIC Issues March List of Banks Examined For CRA Compliance

    The FDIC issued its monthly list of state nonmember banks recently evaluated for compliance with the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). The list covers evaluation ratings that the FDIC assigned to institutions in December 2001. FDIC:PR-27-2002 3/6/02

  • OTS Releases January Enforcement Statistics

    The OTS reported that it issued three enforcement orders to two individuals and one institution during the month of January, 2002. OTS also terminated four orders previously issued to three institutions. OTS 02-09 3/5/02

  • OTS Announces 93 CRA Exams Scheduled for 2nd Quarter 2002

    The OTS announced that 93 savings associations are scheduled for Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) examinations during the second quarter of 2002. OTS 02-08 3/5/02

  • OCC Reduces Regulatory Burden for Well-Managed Federal Branches

    The OCC announced that it is implementing more flexible capital equivalency requirements for federal branches of foreign banks to reduce costs for institutions that present low levels of risk. OCC:NR 2002-16 3/5/02

  • FRB Issues Supervisory Letter on Capital Rules for Nonfinancial Equity Investments

    As previouly reported in the Federal Register, this rule establishes special minimum regulatory capital requirements for equity investments in nonfinancial companies. This advisory summarizes the key provisions of the new capital rule and attaches the text of the interagency preamble and the rules promulgated by the FRB for state member banks and bank holding companies. FRB Press Release, Jan. 2002 Joint Press Release 3/5/02

  • Comptroller Hawke Says Good Progress is Being Made on Capital Accord

    Comptroller of the Currency John D. Hawke, Jr. said that the Basel Committee on Bank Supervision is making good progress toward developing a new capital accord to replace the international agreement that was put in place in 1988, although a number of thorny issues remain to be worked out. OCC: NR 2002-17, Speech 3/5/02

  • FinCEN Issues Interim and Proposed Rule on Information Sharing in the Federal Register

    As earlier reported, the proposed rule would authorize the utilization of the FinCEN's existing communication resources to establish a link between federal law enforcement and financial institutions for the purpose of sharing information concerning accounts and transactions that may involve terrorist activity or money laundering. The interim rule will allow certain financial institutions to be able to share information among themselves for the purpose of identifying and reporting suspected terrorism and money laundering once the financial institutions have notified FinCEN that they intend to share such information and that they will take adequate steps to maintain confidentiality. Interim Rule, Proposed Rule 3/4/02

  • Call and Thrift Financial Reports

    December 31, 2001, Call Reports and Thrift Financial Reports are now available. 3/4/02

  • FDIC Issues Second Quarter CRA Examination Schedule

    The FDIC has issued the public list of institutions that it has scheduled for a Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) examination during the second quarter of 2002. FDIC:PR-25-2002 3/4/02

  • OCC Closes Net First National Bank and Appoints FDIC Receiver

    Net First National Bank, Boca Raton, Florida, was closed by the OCC and the FDIC was appointed receiver. OCC:NR 2002-15 FDIC Approves the Assumption of the Insured Deposits of Net First National Bank, Boca Raton, Florida FDIC:PR-26-2002


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  • FinCEN Requests Comment on the Exempt Person Form

    FinCEN invites all interested parties to comment on its continuing collection of information through its %˜%˜Designation of Exempt Person%™%™ form that is used by banks and other depository institutions to designate their eligible customers as exempt from the requirement to report transactions in currency over $10,000. 3/1/02

  • FDIC Makes Public January Enforcement Actions; No Administrative Hearings Scheduled

    The FDIC released a list of orders of administrative enforcement actions taken against banks and individuals in January. No administrative hearings are scheduled for March. FDIC:PR-24-2002 3/1/02

  • FDIC Announces Loan Problems Grow Even as Commercial Bank Earnings Break Records

    Commercial banks earned a record $74.6 billion in 2001, up $3.5 billion from the record $71.1 billion in industry earnings in 1999, the FDIC reported. FDIC:PR-23-2002 , The FDIC Preliminary Bank Earnings Report Fourth Quarter, 2001

  • OCC Issues Second Quarter 2002 CRA Examination Schedule

    The OCC released its schedule of Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) examinations to be conducted in the second quarter of 2002. OCC:NR 2002-14 3/1/02

  • Treasury Announces Regs on Information Sharing

    The Treasury Department has announced its issuance of a proposed rule and a new interim regulation under the USA PATRIOT Act. The proposed rule would authorize the utilization of the FinCEN's existing communication resources to establish a link between federal law enforcement and financial institutions for the purpose of sharing information concerning accounts and transactions that may involve terrorist activity or money laundering. The interim rule, which will become effective upon publication in the Federal Register, will allow certain financial institutions to be able to share information among themselves for the purpose of identifying and reporting suspected terrorism and money laundering once the financial institutions have notified FinCEN that they intend to share such information and that they will take adequate steps to maintain confidentiality. Treasury Announcement 2/28/02

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