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CFPB highlights servicemember complaints

The Bureau has released its 2018 Complaint Snapshot, with a national overview of servicemember complaints and complaint information by state. There were 33,984 complaints received in 2018, an increase of 12% over those received in 2017.

At the national level, the top five financial product complaints of servicemembers in 2018 matched those of non-servicemembers, with credit or consumer reporting at the top of the list (38% of all complaints), followed in order by debt collection, mortgage-related problems, credit cards, and checking or savings accounts. Within those products or services, the top issues reported were:

  • Credit or consumer reporting: Incorrect information on reports (54%)
  • Debt collection: Attempts to collect debts not owed (40%)
  • Mortgages: Trouble during payment process (45%)
  • Credit card: Problem with a purchase shown on statement (26%)
  • Checking or savings: Managing an account (58%)
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