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FDIC releases January enforcement orders

The FDIC has released a list of enforcement actions the agency took in January. A civil money penalty of $16,750 was assessed on a Montana Bank for a pattern or practice of flood insurance-related violations. Cease and desist orders were issued by consent to banks in Glendale, California, and Holmen, Wisconsin.

Removal/Prohibition orders were issued to:

  • a former banking center manager at Yosemite Bank, a division of Premier Valley Bank, Fresno, California, after a finding that he took funds payable to the bank and converted them for his personal benefit
  • the former CEO and Chairman of Citizens State Bank, Woodville, Texas, after a finding that he sought and obtained reimbursement from the bank for personal and family expenses and obtaining reimbursement for other expenses without proper documentation
  • a former teller at FNBC Bank & Trust, LaGrange, Illinois, after a finding that she misappropriated over $138,000 from a bank customer's deposits for personal gain or other benefit without reimbursing the customer or the bank
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