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Some pending rules may be slowed

As is typically the practice when there is a change of Administrations in Washington, Executive Branch agencies will temporarily slow their implementation of pending or proposed rules to allow President Biden's appointees or designees the opportunity to review them.

In a Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies, the White House has directed that no rules (with exceptions for emergency situations or urgent circumstances) should be proposed, issued, or sent to the Federal Register until a department or agency head appointed or designated by the president after yesterday's inauguration reviews and approves the rule. Rules sent to the Office of the Federal Register but not yet published will immediately be withdrawn. Departments and agencies that have published rules that have not taken effect, should consider postponing their effective dates for 60 days to review any questions of fact, law and policy they might raise.

Rules subject to statutory or judicial deadlines will not be delayed or postponed.

Independent agencies such as the Fed, FDIC, and OCC are generally considered not to be subject to the memorandum.

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