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FTC Criminal Liaison Unit report

The Criminal Liaison Unit of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection (BCP CLU) has issued its 2022 Criminal Liaison Unit Report, describing the history of the unit, its program operations, and major accomplishments over the past five years. In an effort to ensure criminal prosecution of appropriate consumer fraud cases, the unit refers cases to partner agencies with criminal jurisdiction, including U.S. Attorney’s Offices across the county, Divisions of the Department of Justice and others.

The FTC, which is not authorized to bring criminal law enforcement actions, established the BCP CLU in 2002 to bring the “worst of the worst” offenders to the attention of prosecutors. As it grew, the unit worked to establish relationships with prosecutors and educate them about the Commission’s consumer fraud and deception cases. Success in initial cases proved that criminal consumer protection cases were not only viable, but could result in substantial prison sentences.

Over the past five years, the report notes, BCP CLU referrals have led to criminal charges against 107 new defendants, 145 total convictions, and 181 defendants sentenced for consumer fraud. The total sentence time for all defendants was 746 years, with the average sentence being 51 months of incarceration.

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