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Bank of America fined $12 million for filing bogus HMDA data

The CFPB has announced it has ordered Bank of America, N.A. to pay a $12 million civil money penalty for submitting false mortgage lending information to the federal government under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act. For at least four years, hundreds of Bank of America loan officers failed to ask mortgage applicants certain demographic questions as required under federal law, and then falsely reported that the applicants had chosen not to respond.

The CFPB’s review of Bank of America’s HMDA data collection practices found that the bank was submitting false data, including falsely reporting that mortgage applicants were declining to answer demographic questions. This conduct violated HMDA and its implementing regulation, Regulation C, as well as the Consumer Financial Protection Act, when the bank:

  • Falsely reported that applicants declined to provide information: Hundreds of Bank of America loan officers reported that 100% of mortgage applicants chose not to provide their demographic data over at least a three month period. In fact, these loan officers were not asking applicants for demographic data, but instead were falsely recording that the applicants chose not to provide the information.
  • Failed to adequately oversee accurate data collection: Bank of America did not ensure that its mortgage loan officers accurately collected and reported the demographic data required under HMDA. For example, the bank identified that many loan officers receiving applications by phone were failing to collect the required data as early as 2013, but the bank turned a blind eye for years despite knowledge of the problem.

For additional information on the Bureau's action against Bank of America and a link to the Consent Order, see “Bank of America pays $12 million for filing false HMDA data” in the BankersOnline Penalty pages.

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