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Upcoming Live Webinars about eCompliance

TuesdayNovember 30, 2021

IRA Year End Wrap Up

WednesdayDecember 08, 2021

BSA 2021 Recap and Peak Into 2022

ThursdayDecember 09, 2021

Don’t Forget Website Auditing

Don’t Forget Website Auditing

Banks rely more today on websites for advertising and information delivery to stay in contact and increase brand awareness with customers.

ThursdayDecember 16, 2021

Currency Transaction Reporting: Line-by-Line

On-Demand Webinars about eCompliance

Recorded on March 25, 2021

Reviewing Legal Documentation on Deposit Accounts

Recorded on February 23, 2021

Common Compliance Violations – Your 2021 Update

Common Compliance Violations – Your 2021 Update

Mistakes are good when you learn from them. Mistakes are great when you learn from someone else’s. Join me as we look at what examiners are finding wrong in banks so they do not find it wrong in yours.

Recorded on February 18, 2021

Opening New Accounts for Entities

Recorded on February 17, 2021

Opening New Accounts for Consumers

Recorded on February 03, 2021

SAR Decision Making and Filing

SAR Decision Making and Filing

You have to decide to file or not file a SAR. Its subjective but there is guidance, regulations, and red flags to help you.

Recorded on January 28, 2021

Permanent course title goes here (no "Live -" or date)

Recorded on January 20, 2021

BSA and OFAC 2021 10 Hot Topics

Recorded on January 14, 2021



Transfers, Rollovers, Qualified Plan Rollovers and many more!

Recorded on January 07, 2021

Bank retirement products

Recorded on December 10, 2020

Auditing Websites

Auditing Websites

One recent court case held that disclosures on a website were not conspicuous because it was not set apart from other text sufficiently and other distractions on the page drew away the readers attention.


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