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Upcoming Live Webinars about New Accounts

TuesdayNovember 30, 2021

IRA Year End Wrap Up

WednesdayDecember 08, 2021

BSA 2021 Recap and Peak Into 2022

ThursdayDecember 09, 2021

Don’t Forget Website Auditing

Don’t Forget Website Auditing

Banks rely more today on websites for advertising and information delivery to stay in contact and increase brand awareness with customers.

TuesdayDecember 14, 2021

Revocable Trust Accounts

Revocable Trust Accounts

This program is for every banker who has suffered headaches due to customers having no clue what they can and cannot do with their living trusts. .

On-Demand Webinars about New Accounts

Recorded on October 15, 2021

BSA Exam Hot Spots

Recorded on September 16, 2021

Know Your Sweepstakes, Contests and Lotteries

Recorded on August 17, 2021

Top 25 Safe Deposit Legal & Compliance Issues

Top 25 Safe Deposit Legal & Compliance Issues

Questions regarding deceased renters, payable-on-death clause, living trusts, court orders, Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, USA Patriot Act, Suspicious Activity Reports, power of attorneys, Americans with Disabilities Act, past due boxes, abandoned

Recorded on August 05, 2021

Reg E Guidance & Violations Explained

Reg E Guidance & Violations Explained

On June 4 the CFPB released a set of 8 FAQs to answer common questions about Electronic Funds Transfers and Reg E. This one-hour webinar will explain these 8 FAQs and the most important question of WHY these, and why now.

Recorded on July 22, 2021

BSA Officer Annual Training 2021

Recorded on June 16, 2021

E-SIGN, It’s Value Pandemic or Not

E-SIGN, It’s Value Pandemic or Not

Electronic delivery can be your virtual friend before, during and after a pandemic. It helps the bank protect relationships, save time and money and satisfy customers who want information delivered quickly.

Recorded on April 20, 2021

Reg E, All Reg E

Reg E, All Reg E

There was a headline which read, “Big Bank Pays $15.5M Penalty for Reg E Violations.” It wasn’t all claims related but fines for that were included in the total penalty.

Recorded on March 30, 2021

Cannabis Update: Where are we on marijuana and hemp?

Recorded on March 25, 2021

Reviewing Legal Documentation on Deposit Accounts

Recorded on March 23, 2021

Regulation CC: Funds Availability (Deposits and Holds)

Regulation CC: Funds Availability (Deposits and Holds)

If your bank delays the availability of customer deposits, it needs to ensure that its Funds Availability Disclosures include the types of holds you may place and that the holds conform to the limits imposed by Regulation CC.


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