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BSA Annual Training

Recorded on September 25, 2018

You need a fresh approach to BSA/AML training this year! Things have changed, and a reprise of last year’s training won’t get the job done. You may have trained many of your staff already on the new CTR format, but it’s time to review and address some of the problems they’ve experienced. The new SAR is available for e-filing, with a lot more fields to become familiar with. And it’s time to make sure your staff members understand and are following the new Beneficial Ownership rules. You’ve said it time and again – if only there were something NEW to make our BSA training sessions interesting. Your wishes have come true! There’s plenty that’s new to train on this year.

During this program we’ll take a new look at customer identification and beneficial ownership rules and the mistakes that bankers on the frontline are making. We will also look at the new fields on the CTR and the SAR.

We’ll discuss red flags for money laundering and review a new BSA referral form you can use for your frontline staff.

What you will learn:

  • How to use the new CTR data fields
  • How the new crime checkboxes on the SAR will affect your filings
  • Red Flags for money laundering
  • Your Customer Identification Program and Customer Due Diligence
  • Common errors on beneficial ownership certification
  • Recordkeeping for funds transfers and monetary instruments
  • Lending Red Flags and tips for identifying loan issues
  • What cybercrime is and what we must know and do about it
  • Elder abuse, human trafficking, human smuggling, funneling, trade-based money laundering and much more….
  • OFAC training
Webinar Reviews: 

SPETERSON - Great training

vickied - This was the best 'annual' training webinar that I've participated in. Deborah was great!

mgillard - Great program, very educational

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