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TuesdayNovember 30, 2021

IRA Year End Wrap Up

MondayDecember 06, 2021

Complying with the Remittance Transfers Rule

Complying with the Remittance Transfers Rule

The Remittance Transfers Rule has been in effect since October 2013. It is a consumer protection rule, and, like many such rules, it has requirements for disclosures, accuracy, and error resolution.

WednesdayDecember 08, 2021

BSA 2021 Recap and Peak Into 2022

ThursdayDecember 09, 2021

Don’t Forget Website Auditing

Don’t Forget Website Auditing

Banks rely more today on websites for advertising and information delivery to stay in contact and increase brand awareness with customers.

TuesdayDecember 14, 2021

Revocable Trust Accounts

Revocable Trust Accounts

This program is for every banker who has suffered headaches due to customers having no clue what they can and cannot do with their living trusts. .

WednesdayDecember 15, 2021

Providing Accurate and Timely Adverse Action Notices

ThursdayDecember 16, 2021

Currency Transaction Reporting: Line-by-Line

ThursdayFebruary 03, 2022

Redlining – The Collision of Fair Lending and CRA

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