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Regulation Z - New Advertising Rules for Open-end Credit


The Federal Reserve Board has published massive revisions to the advertising rules for open-end credit. Regulation Z has contained advertising rules for years, but new rules that revise the format and the content of the advertising disclosures were effective on October 1, 2009.

This two-hour webinar reviews the new rules in depth and places the changes in context of the existing Regulation Z advertising requirements. These rules cover all open-end credit products including:

  • Home equity lines of credit;
  • Credit cards;
  • Personal lines of credit; and
  • Overdraft lines of credit.


The new rules have a major impact on those who advertise any form of open-end credit in any medium. This program is designed to bring you up to date with the recent changes to Regulation Z's advertising rules for open-end credit. Participants receive a detailed manual that will be a valuable resource long after completion of the program.


Upon completion of this two-hour program participants will understand:

  • The new rules for advertising open-end credit products including:
  • Balloon payment disclosures;
  • Tax implications disclosure;
  • Promotional rate and payment disclosures;
  • Media rules for internet, radio, and television; and
  • Prominence and proximity rules.
  • The long standing rules for advertising open-end credit including:
  • Triggering terms and required disclosures; and
  • Misleading terms.


The program is designed for compliance officers, auditors, credit department managers, and other lending and operations personnel impacted by the changes.

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