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New CTR and New SAR—Line by Line

New CTR and New SAR bring new fields and changes to existing requirements. During this program we will cover line by line these two forms and how to fill them out. You will receive a SAR Handbook and a CTR Handbook which contain examples and all the guidance put out on these two topics.

Program Highlights

Part I The CTR

  • New Transaction location page
  • Shared Branching for Credit Unions
  • How to handle joint accounts
  • The difference between multiple transactions and aggregated transactions
  • The people, the money and the locations are all important parts of the CTR story

Part II The SAR

  • New Line two to communicate with FinCEN
  • New Cyber Security Fields
  • New Crimes such as Human Trafficking and Human Smugglin
  • New Products such as deposits
  • And much much more…

BSA Officers, BSA Support Staff, Operations and Compliance

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