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HMDA and Dwellings – What’s New for 2018

In this webinar we will cover everything about dwellings for HMDA under the revised rules going into effect in January 2018. You will come away with a full understanding of the revised rules.

You can use this knowledge to avoid time wasting repetitive discussions about collateral, create resources to train staff, and know how to confidently handle specific collateral types! Helpful charts will be provided with this webinar.

You wonder what could possibly be different about dwellings? Here is just a sample of what we'll cover in this webinar:

  • New property types
  • New exclusions
  • Changes to reporting of farm-secured loans
  • Revised rules for mixed-use commercial properties
  • New occupancy reporting rules, including investment properties
  • What is different about multifamily property rules?
  • Are all residences dwellings?
  • Reporting the new construction method field
  • All about transitory dwellings
  • What is a multifamily community?
  • What is a manufactured home community?
  • ... and much, MUCH more!

Don't miss this important webinar! It will provide the knowledge and tools you need to work with the revised dwelling rules coming in January 2018.

Who should attend: This webinar is imperative for compliance officers, lenders and lending managers, loan operations staff, auditors, examiners … anyone who must work with the revised HMDA rule.

Webinar Reviews: 

Speaker is very knowledgeable. - MDickson

Excellent! - dthompson

Very detailed - lpestone10

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