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Investigating Unauthorized EFT Activity

Recorded on November 13, 2018

Claims of unauthorized activity on consumer accounts does not have to mean a loss to the bank. The bank is obligated under Regulation E to investigate and resolve the claim, but a lack of network return options doesn't have to mean a write-off.

Although Reg E may be the regulatory force behind your investigations, making those investigations effective and efficient can minimize losses both for your customer and, equally important, for your bank. Using real cases, we'll explore investigation strategies that may help your institution reduce losses. Cases include customers linking their accounts to external third-parties, the ODFI's actual liability for unauthorized ACH debits (hint: It's NOT 60 days!), liability for card and ACH transactions for timely notice vs. timely notice not given, kids hijacking moms card to pay for video games, "free" trial offers, and more. If you want your investigations of unauthorized EFTs to be more effective, this is the presentation for you.

Learning level: Intermediate to advanced

Learning Objectives

  • Compare Regulation E and payment rules
  • Document investigation strategies and tips
  • Define actions using case studies
  • Summarize obligations and liabilities

Who Should Attend:

This informative session is designed for anyone in the bank responsible for managing payments risk and investigations, including Operations, Operations Managers, Card Dept., Risk Manager, Compliance, Compliance Officer, Auditors, Security / Investigations, Electronic Banking, Branch Managers, and Trainers.

Webinar Reviews: 

Very informative and detailed - Mdye1968

speaker was good - tiffgauchat

informative - jfranklin

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