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Preparing for Examination under the Mortgage Servicing Rules: What We Know Now

It has now been over 2 years since the Mortgage Servicing Rules have been in effect and we have already had a technical amendment as well as several examination cycles of experience. Buried deep within these massive new regulations are very detailed rules touching on every aspect of your real estate loan servicing program. These rules may govern everything from the timing and content of your delinquent borrower contact to the initiation of foreclosure.

Collecting on real estate loans has always been a unique aspect of your collections process. It requires special knowledge and skills to effectively maneuver a troubled borrower toward payment, modification or foreclosure. But our world is ever more complex today. Gone are the days when our primary concern was getting a regular payment. The mixture of potentially increasing interest rates, a changing real estate market and growing state and federal regulations have made this area a constant headache and minefield for potential problems.

Is your bank ready for the next wave of examinations centered on the mortgage rules? Examiners across the regulatory spectrum have clearly revealed the exams will be more active in the mortgage servicing area and recent enforcement actions have laid out key regulatory targets. Join industry attorney and self-proclaimed “examination theorist” David Reed as he walks you through the new examination world order with wit and insight.

This session will cover

  • Recent Examination Guidance and Enforcement Actions
  • New Bankruptcy Related Periodic Statements Changes
  • Outlining the Intersection of Rules, State Law and Secondary Market Requirements
  • Using Exam Findings and Avoiding Compliance Landmines

Who Should Attend

This informative session is designed for executives, senior management staff, compliance, real estate lending, collections, internal audit, audit committee and anyone involved in real estate collections and loan servicing.

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