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Regulation Z, TRID, and Loans Features – What Do They Have to Do with HMDA?

Recorded on October 18, 2017

It can be confusing trying to figure out what HMDA data is required for different types of loans. Many instructions contain long narrative paragraphs that take time to decipher. Sometimes definitions are borrowed from other regulations like parts of Regulation Z, and applied to loans not covered by the other regulation.

There are several fields carried over from the Regulation Z closing disclosure, but what do you report in these fields if the loan is not subject to the TRID rules or if a closing disclosure was never prepared? Do you report a lender credit if the loan was not subject to TRID? Are all discount points reported?

This webinar will cut through the extraneous information and drill down to "just the facts" and provide materials that can be used for staff training. It is not as hard as it looks upon first reading and this webinar will save time and money for your financial institution by deciphering the rules and providing materials you can use for training staff.

Here are some examples of topics that will be covered:

  • What loans are subject to HMDA, TRID and ATR? (Good grief, do we have to know that to report for HMDA?)
  • What loans are subject to HMDA and ATR but not TRID? (This is like a puzzle!)
  • Are all discount points reported?
  • What if there is nothing to report? Do we enter 0?!
  • Are all origination charges reported on the HMDA LAR?
  • What if we did not calculate points and fees on a non-TRID loan because we kept our pricing low to avoid HOEPA?
  • The balloon feature uses a definition for Regulation Z, so can we report NA for that field for commercial loans?
  • What do you report if the application was withdrawn, denied or closed for incompleteness?
  • What if a business purpose loan for rental real estate was documented on TRID documents due to investor requirements?
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