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HMDA Check Up – Laying the Groundwork for January 2018

Recorded on November 29, 2017

Whether you are just getting started on your HMDA 2018 preparations or want a refresher on important HMDA foundational concepts to resolve your questions, this webinar will meet your needs.There are a lot of rumors flying around on demographic data, the new 1003, and other things "HMDA".

Get the real information with the reference documents and citations to back up the requirements.

This webinar will set you straight by covering:

  • Coverage - what makes a HMDA reporter - misunderstandings will be cleared up. Coverage goes beyond loans with a HMDA purpose secured by a dwelling.
  • Volume thresholds - make sure you counted correctly and understand recent clarifications
  • Credit decisions - who reports
  • Demographic data - What is the real deal on collecting demographic data (GMI) and how to report - ignore the rumors and know the rules including recent changes to Regulation B - get the actual requirements with citations so you can be certain what to do
  • How to transfer demographic data provided by applicants to the LAR - what the financial institution can and cannot do.
  • What has to be collected for Regulation B when HMDA does not apply
  • Revised URLA (1003) - what is the story and does it affect HMDA
  • Application date vs action date - what controls when to report the revised HMDA data?
  • Submission process for 2017 - be ready
  • LAR for 2018
  • Extensions of credit - what is and what isn't an extension of credit for HMDA
  • Excluded transactions - what's new in the revised rule
  • What does the merger exclusion actually mean? This is often a puzzler.
  • Dwelling types - there is a lot new here from newly excluded dwellings to entirely new dwelling types.
  • Plus lots of other important information that you need to know.

This webinar will be useful for anyone with a need to understand HMDA - compliance, lending, operations, quality control, audit, and examiners.

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