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IRA Advanced: Breaking Down the Complicated Issues

Recorded on March 29, 2018

Is this a Rollover? Is this a Transfer? Can I quit my job now???!!! Many banks underestimate the importance of know the difference between an IRA Rollover and an IRA Transfer. Does it make a difference? It makes a HUGE difference if you don't understand the definition and reporting requirements of each.

And then they die - Spouse beneficiary? Nonspouse beneficiary? Trust, Church, Charity beneficiaries? What can the beneficiaries do and how do they do it? How am I ever going to remember all this???!!!
In this two hour Intermediate to Advanced Webinar, we will explain the more complicated areas of IRAs - rollovers, transfers and payments to beneficiaries. The following topics will be discussed:

  • The Difference Between a Qualified Plan Direct and (Indirect) Rollover
  • The REAL difference between an IRA Rollover and an IRA Direct Transfer
  • A Review of IRA Federal Withholding Calculation
  • Distribution Exceptions Prior to age 59.5
  • Distribution Calculations at Age 70.5
  • 9 Red Flags of Beneficiary Payouts

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